Whether you like it or hate it, you know the chorus, a few verses, or all the lyrics to “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry. Katy Perry’s charming melodies and daring lyrics have captivated people nationwide. Her new album,

Barlowgirl’s new cd “love&war” is an 11 track stop-and-make-you-think album worth picking up. “love&war” is the soundtrack to the fight to show others love while being at war with mainstream culture and ideas. Filled with empowering yet challenging lyrics, it’s

The Goo Goo Dolls are a band from New York who have been around for a few years. I have liked them ever since I bought their CD, “A Boy Named Goo,” four years ago. They recently released a new

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Mindless Behavior is an American boy band, best known for the single “My Girl”, produced by Walter Millsap. The band was put together in Los Angeles in 2008, by Millsap (who has previously worked with Beyonce and Timbaland) and Vincent

A steady buzz echoed throughout the Austin Music Hall. The crowd of 3,000 cramped together like sardines in a jar, most of them carrying on separate conversations. The florescent lights tortured my already drowsy eyes. Suddenly, as if by the

You’re probably wondering why you should listen to this album. Well, this is a mix of pop and R;B. The group Mindless Behavior is four very amazing boys. They promote being confident, unique, and an individual. The songs on the

The first person I noticed was the girl with the green suede sneakers. She was just alittle different. Standing there alone, she had scraggly brown hair pulled tautin a florescent pink tie that clashed miserably with her misshapen green- andblue-striped

I’ve been sitting at my computer for a good 2 hours dreading the fact that I have to write a page or so, describing my academic goals and objectives or on a subject of personal choice, which could ultimately seal

It’s a busy Friday night at work as I stand behind the counter. The phones are ringing every two minutes and I can barely keep up. I’ve only been at work for an hour and already everything is going wrong.

“Just remember that when Charlie Brown was singing to ‘that cute little red headed girl’ it was you! You will be on stage very soon. Love from your friend, Charlie Brown.” These lines hang on a slightly crumpled note card

Born and raised in Hawaii, I, like the majority of locals, am a classic example of racial diversity. The cultural mixing pot that is Hawaii has prompted many culturally diverse experiences not unique to my own Filipino-Chinese-Caucasian heritage. I’m able

When I see my breath on a cold morning for the first time, and the air temperature startles me, I can’t help but think whether or not this is the only type of weather that will be prevalent for the

“Would you like a copy of the receipt?” I asked a young girl as I handed over her change. After an extenuated pause, she replied, “Umm, sure!” Immediately after snatching the receipt out of my hand, she inserted it into

I was six years old and free as a bird, spinning beneath the hot Maryland sun. Arms stretched out, palms turned to the sky as if they could catch the light and hold it forever. Eyes closed, cheeks flushed pink,

The room was a frenzy of twirling tutus. Adrenaline filled the air, sparking the tiny ballerinas into frantic leaps that ended with them splattered against the mirror like Silly Putty. Parents rummaged around for ballet slippers, hair ties and dance

When I was eight, I had the best Cher impersonation around. Of course, I didn’t know anyone else who did Cher impressions. I had a knack for stealing the spotlight with entertaining impersonations and characters. But when middle school arrived,

My body tenses as I approach my somber-faced parents sitting at our dimly lit kitchen table—we are moving, again. This was our third move in six years, and I was eleven. I turn away from my parents, and trudge up

I am not an A+ student. But, I am not a straight F student, either. I do not drive a Mercedes Benz and I don’t spend hundreds of dollars shopping with my parent’s credit cards. I am fortunate enough to

Once upon a time I thought I was invincible. Notonly that, but I believed I had the potential to fly. No kidding, I actuallythought that if I flapped my arms hard enough they would eventually get me offthe ground. Several

Personally, I hold a very neutral opinion towards teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. I simply am not interested in either being one of his fans or bashing him. Having said this, I hope readers will recognize that my opinion is

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a peculiar girl. She had cropped hair flecked with damp Pacific sand and deep knowing eyes the color of a red cedar in the rain. Every day the

The rush of nerves overwhelms my body when I follow my team to the curtain. I hear the crowd roaring waiting for our appearance. This rush of excitement and fear almost devoured me until they announced our team. Pushing back

I start the circle. Desire is out of control. She darts for the white fence surrounding the arena. Sit back. Go for the emergency stop! It’s not working. I use my words, “Whoa, Desire.” Nothing works. She’s still galloping straight

It is the most satisfying feeling in the world. So for me to get to go to my first Metal concert a few years ago, you can imagine there was no happier guy on earth that day. It was a

The conventional wisdom is that rock and roll “died” between 1 959 and 1 964 roughly the period between Buddy Holly’s plane crash in Clear Lake, Iowa and the Beetles’ more upbeat arrival at JEFF airport. In this scenario, The

The life of a slave woman is far more complex than that of a slave man, although understandably equal in hardships, the experience for a woman is incredibly different. The oppression that women have faced throughout their lives in the

In Japan, the images of women have undergone rather remarkable transitional changes. In her article “The Modern Girl as Militant”, Miriam Silverberry focuses on the category of Modern Girl (“mega,” or modal gaur), a topic of debate in Japanese society

The short story of “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid is about a mother and her relationship with her v. It is a harsh one-sided conversation between the narrator and her mother, with the mother doing all the talking. The story gives

This is one of the biggest private universities in Ad Nag which has 100 theoretical rooms, 3 lecture rooms, 2 halls and a modern library, so on. Moreover, each of rooms is equipped LAB to support English learning. Specially, CARS

Ego. a sense of ego. is a struggle that all characters must confront in many different genres and literatures. Many people have their ain definition of what self-importance means. nevertheless. World Wide Web. dictionary. com defines ego as the “I

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