A common question today amongst the citizens of the United States regarding the president, especially today’s president, Barack Obama, is whether or not the President has too much power. A question even asked in one of the video which garners

Throughout human history, the issue of power has been the source of countless wars and violence, and so has it sparked inspiration in many philosophers to develop potentially better systems of government. The Age of Enlightenment saw many philosophers sprout

An agricultural subsidy can be defined as a grant offered to farmers for their products. These subsidies are provided in order to add-on to farmers incomes, to control the costs of agricultural products in the market and to regulate supply

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Mayhew’s Thesis: “Divided government, which the separation of powers produces, works as well as unified government that party discipline would create.” First Question: “Even if important laws win enactment just as often under conditions of divided party control, might they

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