Map the competitive positions of the different players in the luxury goods business. Who are the best-positioned players? Why? It is difficult to find a precise definition of “luxury”, but it’s generally identified with high quality and price products in

Is Gucci good at strategy? ! “? When Tom Ford was in charge, the business was more design-focused & control was centralised – there were disputes between Tom & De Sol regarding managerial control “? With the appointment of Robert

Bottega Veneta (BV) is an exclusive luxury brand established in 1966 in Vicenza, Italy, which is quite famous for its hand-made luxury goods (Kering Group website, 2013; Bottega Veneta website, 2013). Since the establishment, BV has always been focusing on

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1881 Guccio Gucci was born to a family of a straw-hat maker in Florence, Italy. As a teenager he was an immigrant in London. At the end of the 19th ad the beginning of the 20th centuries London attracted a

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