Were the values listed above in the normal range? Why or why not? a) hematocrit would be 19 (AK) b) WBC would be . 5% (AK) C) These values are considered extremely low. This male, suffering from aplastic anemia, has

How and where are platelets produced in the body? Platelets are known as thrombocytes and are produced in red bone marrow. They are stimulated when a blood vessel becomes injured and breaks. Platelets are responsible for clotting a vessel to

Blood Objectives Overview: Blood Composition and Functions 1. Describe the composition and physical characteristics of whole blood. Explain why it is classified as a connective tissue. 2. List eight functions of blood. Blood Plasma 3. Discuss the composition and functions

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Sickle cell disease is more prevalent in people whose ancestors resided in tropical or sub-tropical climates, for the reason that having one recessive sickle cell gene causes resistance to malaria, which is a common disease in those areas. Thus, those

Answer ALL the questions. Do not use pencil. Use blue or black ink. Write your answers in the spaces provided in this question paper. 10 11 12 Information for Candidates Calculators may be used. The marks for individual questions and

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