This essay discusses the Civil War and the important role of President Abraham Lincoln in the conflict. This paper examines the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth U.S. President, during a time of great national unrest. The author discusses slavery and

An examination of the U.S. role and position throughout the Arab-Israeli conflict. This paper examines the U.S. role as a superpower in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the position that the U.S. has taken throughout. American policy is analyzed in light

This essay examines the politics of pregnancy in Henry the VIII’s court. This paper provides a brief explanation of the politics and personal relationship that led to the downfall of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, and mother of

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Looks at the weaponry used during the American Civil War. This paper discusses the types of bullets and guns used in the American Civil War. The author details the type of techniques and weaponry used throughout the war and looks

This paper discusses the public and private lives and roles of ancient Egyptian women. This essay discusses the importance of women in ancient Egyptian society in Gay Robin’s book Women in Ancient Egypt. The author examines strong royal women such

This essay analyzes the works of Mark Twain, Henry James and Stephen Crane and how they reflect distinctive aspects of their time period. This paper examines Realism and Naturalism movement and how Mark Twain, Henry James and Stephen Crane captured

A summary of the article by Susan Dwyer Amussen “The Family and the Household” which describes family life during the Elizabethan era. The paper explains Dwyer’s comments that the modern audience of Shakespearean drama may not understand the true nature

A look at the Clinton Administration’s involvement with the NATO expansion. This paper discusses the Clinton administration’s political, strategic and ideological motivations for supporting NATO expansion and whether the future of NATO will be as a collective defense pact or

Political & economic thought & career of Founding Father, major victories & losses, differences with Jefferson and the impact on the govt. Hamilton’s basic plan of government consisted of two legislatures, comprised by an assembly directly elected by the people

History of Central American nation, 1630-1981. Role of Britain & Spain, resources, native people (Mayans, Creols), govt., slavery and independence. This study will examine the history of the nation of British Honduras (or Belize, as it has been known since

Examines economic, social & political changes in nation & region since war & speculates on results if U.S. had won the war. This paper presents a hypothetical what if scenario. What would have happened to both South East Asia and

Life, education, career, major influences, personal & sociopolitical concerns, role as First Lady.

This paper is an exploration of the causes of World War I with particular attention given to tensions in the Balkans. This paper examines the part the Balkans had to play in the outbreak of World War I. It argues

An extensive paper on the dictatorships of WWII, based upon a chapter from the 8th Edition of the book, “A History of Western Society”. This paper talks about the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, from his childhood up to

Critical review of work on evolution of Hitler’s anti-Jewish plans, responses of & effects on Jews. Lucy D. Dawidowicz, in The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945, tells the story of the evolution of the Nazi campaign led by Adolf Hitler

A paper which studies the success of the anti-Soviet rebels in Afghanistan. Resistance “with the proper tools, strategy, and determination” can countermeasure any unwanted entity. This paper shows how the anti-Soviet forces in Afghanistan not only pushed the invaders out

This paper discusses whether or not President Truman was right in firing General MacArthur during the Korean War. This paper examines President Truman’s decision to fire General MacArthur during the Korean War. It looks at the different reasons why MacArthur

Examines requirements for membership & compliance by Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden & others. Goals, treaties, organization. This research compares progress toward compliance with the convergence criteria for full participation in European Monetary Union [EMU] by Ireland, Luxembourg, and Sweden. This comparison

A detailed description on the concept of “economic man” from its origins until today. This paper presents a thorough examination of the “Economic Man” phenomena, viewed in the light of economic relations. The paper makes a case that the concept

This paper takes a very good look at how women were encouraged to enter the work force during World War II, the jobs they held and how they felt. “Among the many battles fought during the course of World War

This paper describes the 1948 war that heralded the founding of Israel. This paper describes the events surrounding the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Topics covered include the origins of the war, a basic chronology of the conflict, and the results, the

A examination of what makes a leader while using these characteristics to compare the current leaders in the United States. This paper details the rulers of America today. The writer explores what makes a leader and then uses examples of

A paper which looks at the effect colonialism had on the people of Upper Africa. The paper discusses the effects on the local African people as a result of French colonialism of Upper Africa at the end of the nineteenth

The study of the national influences of three Latin American women. This paper presents the story of three women who were instrumental to Latin American history. The writer explores the contributions of Eva Peron, Sarah Chamberlain Eccleston and Violeta Barrios

A study of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s perpetuation of the Holocaust. This paper explores the role Franklin D. Roosevelt played in the Holocaust’s perpetuation. The writer argues that the President did so little to stop the Holocaust and its horrors

Argues that fashion styles reflect the spirit of an era. Examines the fashion of the 17th century to reveal the attitudes & prevailing social concepts held by the people of the time. Fashion reflects the spirit of the time, and

Examines Oliver Cromwell’s role in deposing and delimiting British monarchical authority and assesses the long term impact of Cromwell’s rule. Oliver Cromwell and British Destiny Introduction: The Reformation The Reformation was a political and religious revolution that was ongoing in

This paper takes a look at the causes and consequences of the Great Irish Famine. This paper takes a look at the Great Irish Famine and explains the extensive personal suffering endured by the civilians. It provides a political background

An overview of the history of women and their status in society from ancient to modern times. The paper discusses the status of women from ancient times in countries such as China, Japan and Egypt, through the Middle Ages, the

Life & career of WWI French hero & historical/political forces leading him to be a despised puppet of Nazis during WWII. Marshal Petain and the Vichy Regime This paper will discuss the leadership of Marshal Henri-Philippe Petain in Vichy France

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