Squashed in the AtticThe scene of the drama is Levels High Community College in the little town of Ruskaxe. a 100 stat mis or so north of New York. Karla is an attractive 19-year-old sophomore Biology major. Jimmy is Karla’s

The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre was the bloodiest hostage taking the world had yet seen. It was a devastating situation which no one was expecting, let alone prepared for. The Munich massacre will be remembered as the beginning of the

We chose our topic because we found it very interesting, how the CIA decided to rescue the six hostages, by making a fake movie and going into Iran, saying that they were scouting for locations for a movie when they

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Before one examines the impact of the Iran hostage, it is prudent that one understands the genesis of the conflict. Iran had always viewed America has an ally; as Britain and German had colonized countries. America thus seemed neutral in

The word “TERRORISM” is a word that literally terrorizes people all around the world .But first of all what that this word terrorism mean . Terrorism is not new, and even though it has been used since the beginning of

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