The Effect of Temperature and Epinephrine on The Heart Rate of Daphnia Leslie Orzetti-Gollhofer Gaby Macias  The Daphnia is a Crustacean other known as the water flea. It lives in small bodies of freshwater. The Daphnia is ectothermic, meaning it

What do you think will happen to a gummy bear when you put it in water over night? Research Hypothesis: The gummy bear will dissolve in the water due to the fact that most gummy bears are made out of

Which of the following examples illustrates research the way it is defined in your textbook? a. Sally is writing a paper about the effects of the Harry Potter books on the reading habits of fourth graders in the United States

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It is hypothesized that first grade girls will show better reading comprehension than first grade boys. In Example 1, the author is predicting that he or she will find higher comprehension among girls than boys. To test it, a nonexperimental

1. Based on the results of your investigation, what conclusions can you draw about the relationship between a muscle’s workload and its threshold of stimulation? The conclusions I was able to determine about the muscle’s workload and its threshold of

* Identify the purpose of your investigation or the question you are attempting to answer. The introduction should include the research and background information you collected before forming and testing your hypothesis. Be sure to tie in the property of

Based on the information in Table 2, it seems that the more dissolved oxygen in the water there is the higher the population of fish is. 2. If the ppm of dissolved oxygen is increased in water then there will

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