When the term is used to refer to kinds of puppet theatre, sometimes the puppet itself is referred to as wayang. There is no evidence that wayang existed before Hinduism came to southeast Asia sometime in the first century CE.

Bahasa is the official language in Indonesia which is a modified form of Malay but the most widely spoken language is Javanese. 88% of Indonesians population is Muslim. It has a very large trading environment, with several countries ranging in

They burned down communities, picked fights with random people which later lead up to the “Sampit conflict”. This conflict was sparked due to political ruling of population and land. The Madurese came to Borneo in the 1930’s, they were part

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Secondly, they can produce and sell the products to a larger market and lastly international trade benefits of scale. One more terminology which I am going to use in my report is “deficit trade”. What is deficit trade? Deficit trade

English is the main language in world. It is the most often used language to communicate. You won’t be able to communicate with someone from America by using Indonesia language (as if you are Indonesian) or to communicate with someone

Lenzing AG is one of the worlds largest rayon fiber manufacturers, originating in Lenzing, Austria. In 1938 Lenzing AG was founded, starting pulp and viscose fiber production. Up until the 1980’s, Lenzing was a company that held its production and

The day length varies from 11 hours 29 minutes to 12 hours 48 minutes without twilight. Mean maximum and minimum temperature range among 30 to 36°C and 21 to 25°C respectively. Annual rainfall is 1,343 mm mostly during May to

Tata Motors is one of the India’s largest automobile makers where manufactures cheap vehicles. A firm can reach a superior percentage of profit by supply an identical goods or service at a lower cost (Grant, 2010). It is to believed

In an effort to refine and complement legislative regulations in mining, the Decree of the Minister of Mines and Energy No. 555. K/26/M. PE/1995 was published on May 22, 1995 on Occupational Safety and Health. The regulations on occupational safety

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