International relations

Evolution of United Nation’s involvement in global human rights. Interventions, aid, military presence, leadership, obstacles.The United Nations deals with human rights questions either through the use of preventive diplomacy and public pressure or, more rarely, through direct intervention (Boutros-Ghali 912).

A look at the U.S. foreign policy and the extent of its justification. This paper presents a brief examination of American foreign policy from the Vietnam War to the bombardment of Cambodia, the Gulf War and the economic sanctions on

A detailed look at the European and global perspectives about the Former Soviet Union and its political position. This essay outlines the position of the former Soviet Union on a European as well as Global perspective. The author attempts to

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An examination of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war. This essay attempts to investigate Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, her foreign affairs at the time and the type of treaties she signed between states with special focus on the

Review of current trends & developments in relations between Russia & the United States. Introduction The future of U.S.-Russian relations is uncertain. Much depends on the outcome of the presidential situation in Russia, where recently re-elected Boris Yeltsin has been

A description of West German attempts to open political and economic relations with Eastern Europe brought about by the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. This paper deals with the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. The author examines the historical relationship between West

This paper discusses Fernando Cortes and the legacy he left behind . This paper examines Fernando Cortes’ life, explorations and findings. It details his history dating back from his childhood to his voyages through the America’s. The author feels that

Analyzes development of U.S. financial & military aid programs & recommends major cutbacks or elimination of most. Views of public & govt., Cold War policy, fiscal restraints, examples. Thus, it can be seen that the discussion of poverty and its

An examination of the policy of pacifism and its terms. This paper examines the political philosophy of pacifism which holds that the use of violence by the state, under any circumstances is unethical and counterproductive. The paper assesses whether pacifism

An examination of the phenomenon of terrorism and a look at both sides of the terror attack on September 11th. This essay deals with the topic of terrorism, with focus on the events which occurred on September 11th. The author

A discussion on George Bush’s foreign policy in the Middle East. A paper discussing the Bush Administration’s Middle East Policies in the light of the recent comment by Joseph Nye regarding extremism. The author of the paper argues that the

Overview of relations between Spain & France since the rise of Francisco Franco in 1936 through the current regime of Juan Carlos. Relations between different national states are affected by both internal and external forces. In the European Community, the

A persuasive paper about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This paper describes how Lyndon B. Johnson, with the help of J. Edgar Hoover and mob boss Carlos Marcello, was the only person with the motive, means and opportunity to

An argumentative paper about United States’ sanctions against Cuba, presenting both sides of the argument. This paper presents a detailed discussion about the United States’ sanctions against the nation of Cuba. The writer attempts to present both sides of the

Analyzes U.S. tilt toward Iraq in 1980-1988. Background, overall Middle East policy, secret talks, aid, arms for hostages deal with Iran, aftermath. This research paper summarizes and evaluates the policies pursued by the Reagan Administration during the war between Iran

Examines Mexican cultural, business/labor & gender issues & effects on Canadian & Amer. firms in context of implementation of NAFTA. This research examines critical issues for human resource management (HRM) in relation to the implementation of the North American Free

A look at the economic developments and advancements in Spain. This paper discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that face Spain as the country that looks to not only participate but to lead the emerging European Community. “Since the

This paper explains President Jimmy Carter’s action in Nicaragua. This paper attempts to explain how the Carter administration tried to shepherd a transition from autocracy to democracy in Nicaragua and how US actions unwittingly helped an opposition force come to

An analysis at the global, state, and local levels of the US decision to move forward with a ballistic missile defense system, with background, reactions of other countries, ideologies, and policies. This paper examines the US decision to move forward

This paper argues that just war theory, and the international law which is based upon it, are inherently flawed and lead powerful states justifying violent actions. In this paper, it is argued that throughout history and in present day, the

An analysis of global terrorism and international cooperation in the war against terrorism. This paper discusses the events of September 11th, provides a detailed description of what happened and sets out the reactions of government leaders around the world who

Historical context, causes & effects, reformist policies of Soviet ruler Gorbachev, military issues, failure of communist economy. This research paper explains what is meant by the end of the Cold War and how and why it ended. The end of

Examines treaties in effect in early 1996. Purposes, goals, signatory nations, legality, testing, focusing on Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. This research reviews major nuclear treaties in effect or negotiated and awaiting ratification in early-1996 with respect to treaty purposes, goals, and

A paper discussing the views of the Japanese society on Japanese actions during World War II. The following paper examines Japanese actions during World War II, focusing specifically on the Nanking Massacre, an attempt to dominate China quickly by demoralizing

This paper takes a look at President Jimmy Carter’s policy regarding the SALT negotiations. This paper explains how the Carter administration attempted to halt Moscow?s advance through arms control however the agreements negotiated by the Carter administration left the US

This paper examines the North American Free Trade Agreement(NAFTA) and its involvement in the corporate community. This paper represents the North American Free Trade Agreement and its involvement in the corporate community. The author answers the questions of what NAFTA

This paper examines the split between the Soviet Union and Communist China. This paper discusses whether the causes of the split between the Soviet Union and Communist China were primarily economic or ideological. From the paper: “Since being drawn into

This paper discusses the globalization trend that is attracting mass media attention because it has been considered a social and political evil This paper explores the concept of globalization, and its affect on international world order. The author suggests that

Evolution of strategy, assistance, politics in Cold war context, focusing on post-1973 events. Costs, impact on Association of Southeast Asian Nations, U.S. interests. This paper will discuss the military assistance provided by the United States to various countries in Southeast

A personal paper arguing for the need of the World Trade Organization. This paper looks at the World Trade Organization, or WTO and debates whether or not the WTO has a positive effect on the world. The author takes the

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