The country was among the birthplaces of mankind and is located at the heart of ancient civilizations. Furthermore the country is known to be among the most progressive and secular Islamic societies. Aside from having been the first Muslim country

He ended up dying of an unknown disease on June 10th 323 BC (Gale). That marked the end of the powerful empire he built. After his death the empire got divided up into parts and ruled by many different leaders

The book Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is, interestingly, al illustrated in black-and-white portraits with additional splashes of gray. Although there are many critics about Satrapi’s use of this style, it eventually compels towards her story’s ultimate goal to show to

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Plot – The Trip After a year, the fundamentalist student occupied the U. S embassy. And few days later, the minister of education has decreed that universities will be close for two years because the new regime. They also force

“The Great” Reflection of His Reign The great Alexander from Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia son of Phillip and the princess Olympians of Epirus was destine for great since birth. He believe to be son of Zeus the “King

The Safavid Empire ruled over modern day Iran, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Caucasus. Although Islamic conquest in Iran started way back in 633 BC, the Safavid Dynasty is primarily known for establishing

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country governed by a regime that began with a revolution headed by Ayatollah Khomeini over two decades ago. Khomeini was the first to label the United States as the ‘Great Satan. ’ Although

History of the Middle East “Iran Awakening” “One Woman’s Journey to Reclaim Her Life and Country” This book, “Iran Awakening”, is a novel written by Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi. Ebadi weaves the story of her life in a very personal

Muslim empires arose—the Ottomans, the Safavids, and the Mughals. The Ottomans arose after the Seljuk Turkic kingdom of Rum in Eastern Anatolia collapsed, which occurred because of a Mongol invasion in 1243. The area fell into a chaotic period after

Differences between the President and the Leader: * The Supreme Leader has absolute power, while the president is under the Leader’s Rule, and has formal functions of the executive branch * The Supreme Leader is elected by the Assembly of

TehranIn Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, the reader follows the story of Satrapi’s younger self growing up during the Islamic Revolution in Tehran, Iran. Starting too early in life, Marjane was forced to mature much too quickly. Not only that, even before

We all are born into this world unique; we live differently, because we experience different things in our life. The environment and space around us affects and shape us since we were young. This means that the spaces that exist

A Memior of Growing Up Iranian in America by Firoozeh Dumas is all about her life growing up in California after her dad is moved there but is company form Iran. Being born in Iran she had not learned much

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