“Whoever controls the Indian Ocean, dominates Asia. This Ocean is the key to seven seas. In the 21st century, the destiny of the world would be decided on its waters”[1]. Mahan Indian Ocean has played a very important role in

Cornell Note Taking Template Key Words: Notes: Nile riverLongest river in world. Supplied life-giving water for the Egyptians civilization. Had an annual cycle of moth long flooding. Hard for farmers but then solved by irrigation and pre- harvesting. Steps toward

In World history, the first movie was made by the “Lumiere Brothers”, it was just a view of a train entering the station in Paris. In November 1914, during the Ottoman Empire and Russian war, Russian soldiers erected a monument

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SumerIn the ancient times, the Greeks called the area of the world’s first civilization ‘Mesopotamia’ which means, “The land between the two rivers. ” This name was given because; Ancient Mesopotamia is where the first foundations of ancient city -states

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