Calling All Rock N Rollers : Hinder is the hottest new band to grace stages today! Fronted by the charismatic Austin Winkler , Hinder has propled itself into the adoration of thousands of screaming fans with there hit Lips of

Perhaps being one of the biggest Bring Me The Horizon fans, I was desperately trying to pull in money from every which way to be able to buy their new album the night it came out 2 days ago. So

In Southern California, everyone is getting hooked on”Jiggy” mania. “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” is a new, funand funky song by Will Smith. If you ever catch the video, you will seethings like the Polynesian and Samoan dancers on the island

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“I wasn’t trying to make a big pop record when I made this album.I was actually trying to make it something personal; like a diary.”Sam Smith stated in an interview with the American entertainment media brand, Billboard.“The Thrill of It

The band Peach Pit is an indie pop/rock group from Vancouver formed in 2016. The four boys in the group are Neil Smith (lead singer), Mikey Pascuzzi (drummer), Peter Wilton (bassist), and Christopher Vanderkooy (guitarist). The band has been described

Senses Fail is and will always be my favorite band. This band is a mostly hardcore, rock & partiall screamo band. Let It Enfold You is an amazing album full of killer songs! Every song has a real meaning behind

Britney Spears. Her name alone brings up countless images; whether of shaved heads, dancing in promiscuous school girl outfits, Kevin Federline, exposed female genitalia, or rehabilitation centers. Despite the havoc and turmoil paparazzi wreaked on her life for nearly four

A newcomer to the world of pop music, Ryan Cabrera is in line to become the next big thing. In his debut album “Take It All Away,” he adds a guitar-driven spin to familiar teenage topics. He is a hunky,

Few artists can claim to have created a new genre of music, but Chameleon Circuit, who coined the term trock (time lord rock) and created a new niche in the world of pop-culture-themed music, has done just that. The British

If anyone has not listened to this band, I really reccommend that you do, especially this album. Whenever I have writers block, I listen to them because the lyrics they write are deep and are so easy to relate to.

Last fall, the Band-Aid wearing hip-hop superstar Nelly dropped two albums on that same day, “Suit” and “Sweat.” Both received the highest ratings, following the paths of his previous two albums, “Country Grammar” and “Nellyville.” Of the two, “Suit,” which

It Won’t Be Soon Before Long has really expressed Maroon 5’s true talent. Their album, released in 2007, revolves around the idea of a break-up. The album carries us through the regrets of leaving a woman and having to move

She’s never been called glamorous or even an enthusiastic pretty. Her acorn-colored hair hangs simply above her shoulders and sometimes catches a glitter from the reflecting sun. She’s constantly trying to keep it tucked behind her ear in hopes that

As a kid, I was always frustrated when adults either didn’t know or couldn’t explain the answers to my questions, and now that I’m old enough to have some knowledge of my own, I’ve developed a passion for sharing that

June 20th, 2008. It should have been one of the best days of a teenager’s life, the last day of 8th grade, the last day of middle school before next year where I would be a freshman in high school.

The process of taking a picture fascinates me. It is instantaneous, which is impressive on account of the multitude of subconscious steps taken. First, a person decides which memories are worth capturing; that is the hardest part. A photographer focuses

I walk to the center of the stage, the microphone stand a mere three inches from my mouth, taking the plastic between my fingers as the piano starts playing. I take a deep breath, tapping my foot to the beat,

Family Makes it All Better I woke up in the middle of the night in my room. I had a bad stomach ache. It was a sharp pain in the center of my stomach. I wasn’t really sure what to

Our flight to Miami had been delayed again, another two more hours of sitting in Bogota in an airport where we waited many times before. I sat back down and look out the window, wondering why we didn’t just take

I’m sure that we have all had compelling moments that stick out to us. Sometimes it’s more than that. Sometimes these moments become like scars; in a way that is most lovely. Like a tattoo with a better story. We

I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. For the past three years, I have probably contemplated almost every profession notable. When I learned about something I enjoyed, I could imagine myself with a profession

“A writer,” according to an anonymous personage “is the greatest creation of God. To preserve the sanctity of his title, he must try his best to work for the greater good; by striving, aspiring and inspiring.” The depth of this

Don Zadra once said: “It is more probable that your attitude, rather than your aptitude will determine your altitude in life.” As we grow up we are incessantly pelted with questions of the manner – “What do you want to

Reality has never pleased me as much as living it through other people’s lives. I reckon some people may label it as fantasy, others may just call it fiction, however, I would just rather label it as an escape. Opening

When I was a little kid, my parents took me to my father’s hometown, JiangDu, to attend my grandmother’s funeral. I lived in the modern city of Shenzhen almost all my life, and I did not know what to expect

In this moment, my mind and body are paralyzed. I stand up to applaud, but when I look around I notice everyone is applauding for me. In this moment I am flabbergasted. I get up, walk towards the podium, and

I never thought I’d make it far enough in life to write a scholarship essay-let alone an essay that asks for my life’s story. It’s not that I ever thought I wouldn’t succeed in my life, I was born with

When I was about 13 years old, I found myself on the living room floor of a family friend’s house enjoying a game of Chutes and Ladders with three delightful children. By the time we finished watching a movie while

It’s the one word that I never thought would be applied to me. This time it wasn’t the neighbor or the relative or even the co-worker…it was me. That one phone call from my oncologist. That one sentence my parents

“What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing!” “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” Singer Edwin Starr does not lie when he says that war is good for absolutely nothing. People can look back at history and be able

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