The gloves should be worn at all times to avoid contact with fluids and other specimens or samples of interest that may pose risks to our safety and health. Proper removal and disposal of used gloves is as important as

The main idea of the exercise is being familiarize with the seed and seed germination of some species. In this exercise, the students used seeds of various fruits and vegetables and allowed them to germinate. For the first part of

Initial and Final Setting Time of Cement FINENESS OF CEMENT: We need to determine the fineness of cement by dry sieving as per IS: 4031 (Part 1) – 1996. The principle of this is that we determine the proportion of

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Historically medicine is the only science that conducts life threatening experiments on human subjects in order to advance its knowledge base in the name of progress. When progress and commercialism coincide the potential for abuse is very great; as the

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