This paper discusses the different issues that are considered when women are tried for violent crimes. This paper examines whether or not gender bias plays a role in the courts decisions to convict women and sentence them to death for

An examination of legal cases throughout the United States concerning the fourth amendment rights. This paper examines the legal cases involving the invasion of privacy that is protected under the fourth amendment. It investigates the changes that have come about

Examines legal background & critiques 1995 Supreme Court decision that strict scrutiny analysis must be applied to federal affirmative action programs. This paper will discuss and critique the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Adarand Constructors v. Pena,

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A paper which shows how people in America’s underdeveloped areas of cities sometimes have to resort to taking the officials to court to obtain what they consider their rights. Rights for people in under-developed areas of cities, often called urban

This paper argues that physician-assisted suicide should be legal in every state. The author of this paper reviews the various definitions,approaches, legislation issues and the position of the American Medical Association and the “Death with Dignity Act” about the need

Book banning violates the first amendment’s right of freedom of speech. This paper describes censorship and the first amendment’s right of freedom of speech. The author argues that not only book banning violates that right, but also students are denied

This paper discusses the rather narrow issue of whether a judge has the authority to order employees of the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner to freeze laboratory testing on forensic DNA samples before the samples are consumed

A look at a change in policy for court cases relating to juvenile crimes. Those individuals who suffer or are harmed from juvenile crime have, in the past, been excluded in the adjudication (specifically the sentencing) of their cases for

An in-depth study of the abuse of the individual right in the American First Amendment. This paper examines the fact the history shows that uncertainties of a fragile First Amendment during times of crisis are well founded, as seen in

This paper looks at some of the issues raised since the September 11 , 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. This paper discusses some of the many issues that have been raised in the debate between the protection of

Examines provisions of 1993 Brady Bill & 1994 Crime Bill, politics, lobbying, public opinion.

History of anti-trust legislation, scale economies & cooperative as way for small farmers to avoid breaking such law. The agricultural sector in the United States is in a state of transition. During this period, thousand of small-scale farmers the family

This essay strongly suggests that the First Amendment and the concept of freedom of speech are becoming fantasies. The author states that there is no such thing as the freedom of speech even though this statement goes against the very

A discussion the racial gerrymandering problem in the U.S. and the Voting Rights Act amended as a result. This paper examines the issue of racial gerrymandering in the U.S. The author provides examples of cases in which Democrats lost seats

Analyzes aims of and moral and legal flaws in the English Only movement (Texas and California) and California propositions 187 and 209. The English Only movement, negative mass attitudes against immigration, bilingual programs in the public schools, welfare reform excluding

An examination of this new approach to policing which focuses on identifying problems, finding and eliminating the cause of the problem. To understand the applications of problem orientated policing, the approach is described, giving an example of how the approach

An examination of the treatment of homosexuality by the law. An argumentative paper outlining how the law treats homosexuality. The author focuses on the history, marriage and adoption rights and benefits of homosexuals and the general effect of these laws

Examines legal, political & social aspects of self-determination in context of human rights in Spain, Vietnam, former Soviet republics. This research examines the concept of self-determination within the context of international law. The goal of this examination is to develop

This paper examines the many issues that are affected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution such as religious freedom and pornography. A look at the the first amendment and a discussion on why the framers of the Constitution

Compares major provisions, methods & circumstances of adoption, individual rights and separation of powers. FRENCH AND GERMAN CONSTITUTIONS This research paper describes and compares the principal provisions and features of the present constitutions of the Fifth Republic of France and

A study on the minimum wage laws. This paper examines the public policy implications of minimum wage laws and to a lesser extent living-wage laws (with the understanding that the two are philosophically linked to each other). The author writes,

This paper looks at the issue that UK courts reserve the right to decide that even accepted medical practice may be negligent, yet seldom seem to use it. This paper looks at the topic of court cases which dealt with

Constitutional issues (church-state separation, religious freedom), court decisions on school prayer, vouchers and state laws. ‘ RELIGION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS This research paper discusses separation of church and state and other issues relating to religion in the public schools

Describes & compares complex cases in U.S., Australia & United Kingdom. Trial length, role of jury, jury selection, defendants rights, judicial competence, investment fraud, organized crime, severance, reform. This paper will examine the problems of complex criminal trials in Australia,

A short paper describing the term sexual harassment. The paper provides a definition of the term sexual harassment and shows how perceptions of what might constitute harassment varies widely within society. The paper discusses various angles of the subject including

This paper discusses gun control in the United States and many other countries. This paper explains, compares and evaluates gun control in the United States, Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan. The author concludes that in the United States guns

A paper which discusses women’s correctional facilities in the United States. The paper shows that women’s correctional facilities are a common feature in the American state and federal prison systems, but this was not always the case – in the

A study into the system of graduated drivers licenses for teenagers in certain U.S. states. According to the California American Automobile Association (2002), only 4% of the state’s licensed drivers are teens, but they are involved in 10% of accidents

An examination of a law on liabilities when reporting abuse cases to the authorities. This paper considers Section 51A Chapter 119 Massachusetts General Law which deals with notifying the authorities in cases of suspected abuse, and places personal liabilities on

The paper discusses the drug problems of the people of the Caribbean and the drug trafficking that goes on there. It also deals with the dangers that drug trafficking causes to other countries and their people. This paper is about

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