There are no disposal fees because the leasing company will be responsible for the equipment leased. By replacing the current sever setup ( the company has over a dozen machines running 24 hours every day), with new leased IBM compact

Operating leasing is the most common form of off balance sheet financing. With leasing, on the one hand, an entity could acquire the right to use an asset through a rental agreement. On the other hand, the entity could purchase

During the period of lease for the 11 months the lessor or the lessee can terminate at any time during lease period by giving three calendar month’s notice on either side respectively. 8. The Lessor or his authorized representatives will

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What would be the best option for a company to lease or purchase equipment? Each business owner’s situation is different. The decision to buy or lease business equipment is unique. It must be made on a case-by-case basis. Leasing equipment

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