Bryan Ferry, whether solo or with Roxy Music, has produced some of the most influential music in the last twenty years with 17 albums to date. And now, the top-off: an anthology. Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry ,” Street Life.” Spanning 19

“Days turn to night, night turns to whatever we want, We’re young enough to say: Oh, this has gotta be the good life, This has gotta be the good life, This could really be a good life, good life. I

My Life 2… The Journey Continues By, Irene Alexandra Zendejas The Queen of R&B Mary J. Blige does it again. She continues her My Life with My Life 2. This album is filled jam-packed music. My Life 1 was filled

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You park the car and start walking. You look around and see the sleeping bags laid out on the sides of the roads, the tents set up near the Port-a-Potties, and the huge line wrapping around the entire arena. You

Most of the time Most of the music that I listen to is weird and unusual . I know few people that have heard of this band. The few people that know of them don’t give them much credit for

A new rap group has hit the music stores and Billboard charts. Their name is Arrested Development. They are black Southerners of all ages, but their songs deal with issues important to all peoples. And, like other rap acts, the

Evanescence has been around since the 1990s and is still a huge success today. The groups major album thats been sold is ‘Fallen’, released On March 4, 2003. The album was also recorded in multiple studios that include Conway Recording

August Alsina Show His Life Through Music August Anthony Alsina Jr, known as August Alsina, has became an influential artist for young teenagers and adults in our society. Born and raised in Louisiana, August sought out fame on Youtube, where

After sampling “Dreaming” and”Godspeed,” two tracks from BT’s latest CD, I cannot say I wasimmediately hooked. Most dream/trance music sounds similar to me. But after a fewtracks, it became evident that this album is not simply an array of trancestrains.

Every day I wake up to the blaring laughter of my alarm clock, smack it, and grab my iPod. See, part of my morning routine is listening to my “Wake Up” playlist. Some of the music is uplifting, like Group

The long lasting Irish pop group has a reputation based on love ballads and pop songs. However, this album attempts to avoid those areas except of course, ‘Leaving’. 1. Where We Are : The only song in the album which

Well i have recently just listened to one of One Republics new songs called Good Life, and since then i have not been able to get it out of my head! The beat is perfect and the whistling just adds

Lana Del Rey – the sad queen of Coney Island and Hollywood nostalgia, dropped her fifth studio album on the 21st of July, 2017. The album was titled “Lust For Life”, and there was much speculation after Del Rey released

If anyone has not listened to this band, I really reccommend that you do, especially this album. Whenever I have writers block, I listen to them because the lyrics they write are deep and are so easy to relate to.

I first heard of Wavves about a year ago when a friend was telling me about a split they did with Trash Talk (a favorite hardcore band of mine). My first Wavves experience was the video for “Post-Acid”, the surf-rock

You only live once andliving life is all that matters. Sometimes life can be hard, and throw you curveballs, but in the end what you make out of it is the final outcome.Lana Del Rey really captured this concept in

The Concert for Life, performed for the late Freddy Mercury who died of AIDS, was indeed the greatest concert I, and many others, have ever seen on MTV. The crowd was ecstatic throughout. There were performances from Extreme, Metallica, Guns

I have not even reached adulthood, but already life has taught me very important lessons about life. Most of these lessons were difficult and caused pain. They made me who I am today though. The three most important lessons life

Somewhere in Europe dwells a crazed lunatic running amuck whose precise whereabouts is currently unknown – even to his ­family. This man is my uncle. Uncle Warren always lives life to the fullest, even if it means turning his house

The day my life began was an ordinary day. A typical Sunday afternoon in Connecticut in the middle of July, 2012. My church youth group had just arrived home from our week long mission trip in West Virginia, and it

The blue birds chirping like the melody of a beautiful song.That is the only beautiful thing out in the woods, all alone.Alone, separated from my family.I wandered all around the woods checking the signs to see if I remembered the

It was my first day in my school’s Gifted & Talented Program. Just minutes before, I had been called upon by my teacher and told to report to the cafeteria, where classes would be held. Feelings of nervousness, fear, and

My eyes skimmed from the pages of The Hatchet to the clock on the wall. Seven more hours. And then, everything went dark. I woke on the floor of my classroom. The lights were off. I was no longer surrounded

Life is Tough As I sat at age eleven with my Nintendo cradled in my left hand and my eyes buried in my right hand saying my goodbyes to my father, I did not quite realize what was truly happening.

My home life doesn’t suck. I don’t have a drunken mother, or an abusive father. My parents are still happily married after twenty-seven years and my older sister is steadily making her way through college in hopes of someday soon

Life is. That’s all there is to it. Life is crazy, amazing, terrible, scary, and everything all at once. We wonder what life is about, and our place in it. Some people spend all of their lives trying to find

Ever since I was young, I would think about families. The good ones and the bad ones, and I don’t think I ever really thought about it being mine until I was slightly older. And then it was only about

People only get somewhere, in this world, if they have something to offer. I have a couple of things I can offer. I have lived in the same town my whole life. Ever since I was a little kid Oak

The majority of my childhood was spent in an old, tired town in the Philippines. It was not a wealthy town; yet, it was not a poor town. Consequently, we would often have these power outages that would last overnight,

Growing up, I’d always envied my friends who had lived in one town their whole lives. Coming from a military family, this was not an option. My brothers and I soon found that moving had its perks and downfalls. We

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