A personal description of teenage issues. This paper is a frank and candid narrative of typical teenage emotional storms and of how this teenager, the writer, weathered one of those storms. It describes the teenager’s need for a solid and

This paper discusses the cultural, political and economical achievements during the short-lived empire of Charlemagne. The paper provides a brief biography of Charlemagne and notes the improvements made during his reign to the quality of life in the Middle Ages

This paper analyzes school life both in Japan and Australia, taking a look at obvious cultural and social differences, but also inherent similarities between the two education systems. ” Education and school life throughout the world varies quite dramatically; from

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A discussion on abortion and anti-abortion perspectives in the United States. The following paper looks at the ideals and ethics of infanticide and abortion with reference to religious perspectives, community opinions and historical views. The writer makes reference to legal

Examines 15 common stages of experience of near-death phenomenon(NDE) This study will examine the fifteen different kinds of experiences described by Raymond A. Moody, Jr. in Life After Life: The Investigation of A Phenomenon—Survival of Bodily Death. These experiences are

A review of the history of Romanian ruler, Vlad Tepes, on whom Bram Stoker based his novel “Dracula.” This paper presents facts about a one time actual ruler, Vlad the Impalar, of what is now known as Romania. It looks

A review of the book, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, by Harriet Jacobs. This paper reviews and summarizes the book, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. It looks at the various degrees of treatment of

Review of a portion of Roberto Begnini’s Oscar-winning movie Life Is Beautiful. This paper shows how the movie provides a contrast between the despair many faced in the concentration camps of World War II and his interpretation of the life

A detailed paper about physician assisted suicide (euthanasia). Makes reference to laws, specific cases from Dr. Kevorkian, and much more. This paper argues that euthanasia, otherwise known as assisted suicide, is terribly wrong and immoral. However, there are times, the

Novelists’ uses of their own life experiences in characters & story lines. Farewell To Arms ( Ernest Hemingway ), The Stranger ( Albert Camus ) & Things Fall Apart ( Chinua Achebe ) Novelists often derive elements of their work

This paper discusses the story, “Life in the Iron Mills,” from a social commentary perspective. The following paper discusses the story by Rebecca Harding Davis with an aim to show the beginning of a resurgence of interest in a woman

Christian thinker’s ideas on happiness, compared to Stoics & Epicureans, virtue, God-human relationship, ethics, grace, good & evil, love. Philosophers of the classical western tradition concern themselves with questions regarding the basic nature of existence. What is life? Is there

This paper examines the career of conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. This paper discusses the life and career of Clarence Thomas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice. The author looks briefly at his childhood, his education, then at his rise

This paper examines how the advent of agriculture stopped the evolutionary progression of our bodies and at the same time created a new means to destroy them. The following paper discusses the revolutionary transition from hunting and gathering to food

This paper explores the debate on the issue of abortion in the United States. The paper reviews the debate between the anti-abortion movement – “National Right to Life Committee” and the pro-abortion group – “National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action

Chinese concept of yin & yang, Buddhism’s idea of body & soul, compared to Platonic & existentialist thought. Life and death are inextricably intertwined, a fact noted by various religious and philosophical schools around the world. Life is an essential

This paper describes the life of a young girl in the 1930s and 1940s. This paper describes the life of Mary V, an woman who is remembering back to her childhood and youth in Brooklyn during the hardships of the

Critical review of former slave’s 18th Cent. autobiography in historical, cultural, religious & economic contexts. The purpose of this research is to examine The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano written by Himself. The plan of the research

This paper takes a look at trench warfare during World War I. This paper explains the history of trench warfare, how trenches are built and the intolerable conditions of the soldiers who fought in them. ” “Thank God I am

An analysis of Charles Bowden’s style of writing in the short story Blue. Through an examination of the actual immigrants crossing border, Charles Bowden uses the short story Blue to minimize the life and death struggle of crossing the desert

A paper looking at the leader of the Harlem Renaissance. This is a term paper on Langston Hughes. It includes some basic biographical background, an analysis of his work, and the role he played in the Harlem Renaissance. The author

A examination of Timothy Findley’s historical novel `The Wars.` This paper examines the historical fiction novel `The Wars` by Timothy Findley, which is based on collected letters and memoirs from soldiers in the trenches of World War I. This paper

A discussion of differences in views on death and afterlife. This paper compares cultural attitudes on death and afterlife with focus on the Mesopotamian views about death in relation to their respective material culture. From the paper: “There were many

An analysis of the acceptability of the comedic theme in the movie “Life is Beautiful,” which deals with the Holocaust. This paper argues that the comedic element found in “Life is Beautiful” is appropriate to the subject of the Holocaust.

A discussion on Erving Goffman’s interaction theory. This paper discusses the theory of ?self-presentation? offered by the famous sociologist Erving Goffman. This theory concerns the behavior of a person in day-to-day interactions. The author provides examples in order to illustrate

A linking essay on the two books in relation to culture and values. This paper reviews two books of the post-colonial genre: “Half a life” by V.S. Naipaul and “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy. It looks at

A study of four books where the trauma of the women characters are explored. The paper explores four books which are linked by the trauma of the women characters – “The Bluest Eyes” (Toni Morrison), “Jasmine”, (Bharati Mukherjee) “Bastard Out

A study of the great photojournalist magazine, “Life”. This paper explores the changes in American culture and reading habits that led to the demise of “Life” magazine. The author explores how the culture outgrew the medium of weekly publications and

A biography of the writer Edgar Allan Poe. The paper recounts the life of the author Edgar Allan Poe from birth to death and shows how there are constant references to his life experiences in most of his poems and

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