At age twelve, I had little interest in learning about the world of engineering and even less interest in summer school. All I wanted was to do okay in middle school and play video games in my free time. Consequently,

Just like with human eyes, a camera can only capture the images for a scene through light. Whether using available or natural lighting of the surroundings or using professional lighting equipment, every production requires a suitable lighting design according to

What would a movie feel like without different light and sounds? There would be no mood to the story of the movie. Tim Burton uses different sounds/music and lighting to emphasize a different mood. The change of lighting can change

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Only six months into his current assignment at Modern Lighting Industries, Inc. MLI), he was starting to worry that his string of previous successes had hit a serious snag. Working for Cardullo had become as confusing, unpredictable, and frustrating as

The Raft of the Medusa, is extraordinary: exhibiting an intensity that sets it apart from all other works to date. Upon viewing this piece, it becomes immediately apparent that there is a tense struggle being depicted by Gericault. When one

?The Dim Lighting Company is faced with a proposal that could potentially revive themselves from the 15 percent decrease in profits they have seen over the past two years. However, the new proposal for micro-miniaturization could put the Dim Lighting

Since ancient times, people have been enjoying the delights of theatre and play enacted and carried out on stage. The history on lighting for the theatre is very interesting and innovative. As technology has developed over the years, theatergoers have

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