A brief discussion of the life and works of a children’s novelist and illustrator. This essay discusses children’s author and illustrator David Wiesner’s body of work as a whole. Four books, Tuesday, Free Fall, June 29,1999, and The Three Pigs

The similarities between both Ligeia and tuberculosis sufferers and vampires. The paper starts by documenting vampiric traits and their appearance in literature, starting with Henrich August Ossenfelder?s Der Vampir in 1748 up to Bram Stoker’s `Dracula` in 1897. It then

A biographical essay on the author Kate Chopin. This paper traces the life and writings of author, Kate Chopin. It looks at her origins and early life. It then moves on to a brief analysis of her most important work,

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Analyzes work’s satirical critique of human condition, pessimistic vs. optimistic views, characters and truth. One of the ways to conceive the era of the seventeenth century, or the Age of Enlightenment, is to view it as the philosophical and intellectual

A look at the group of writers, poets and artists who rejected American materialism in post WWI America and relocated to Paris. This paper discusses the group of writers referred to as “The Lost Generation,” among them Gertrude Stein, who

A review “The Abolition of Man” by C.S. Lewis which reflects on society and nature and the challenges of how best to educate our children. “The Abolition of Man” is a defense of Natural Law (Morality). C.S. Lewis argues that

Reviews work examining reasons for differences in whites’ perceptions of two black leaders’ politics, activism, heritage. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were black leaders who took very different approaches to the problems faced by blacks in America. One result

Using the themes of sex, power, war, money and peace, Lysistrata by Aristophanes provides a unique insight into the types of problems females face in a patriarchal society A discussion of the plot of the play Lysistrata which is used

This paper is an account of the amoral nature of the character “Tom Jones” in Henry Fieldings’ classic novel of the same name. This paper contrasts the selfless amoral actions and the motives thereof of Tom Jones with the other

A thorough analysis of Flannery O’Connor’s characters Mrs. Turpin and O.E. Parker and an in depth look at the symbolism and irony that surrounds these characters individual conflicts. This paper is a thorough character analysis of Mrs. Turpin and O.E.

This paper explores the use of metaphor in Ralph Ellison’s, Invisible Man. This paper examines the use of symbolism used in Chapter One of Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” “The Battle Royal,” and its significance to African-Americans. The author traces the

An analysis of the essay “Of Cannibals” written by sixteenth century writer Michel de Montaigne. The essay “Of Cannibals” is a narrative prose by 16th Century French writer, Michel de Montaigne, describing the culture of a South American tribe (Native

An analysis of D.H. Lawrence modern literary style as opposed to the old one. This paper examines the new literary style in D. H. Lawrence’s novels The Rainbow and Women in Love. These novels depict characters that undergo a transformation

Novelists’ uses of their own life experiences in characters & story lines. Farewell To Arms ( Ernest Hemingway ), The Stranger ( Albert Camus ) & Things Fall Apart ( Chinua Achebe ) Novelists often derive elements of their work

An analysis of the concept of revenge in American short stories. This paper discusses the concept of revenge in American literature and examines eight short stories such as “The Open Boat” and “To Build a Fire.” The author examines the

An analysis of the symbols used by Kafka to provide a narrative of the protagonist’s world. This paper discusses Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist” book. The author discusses the food and cell symbols Kafka utilizes in his book in order to

A discussion on the concept of delusions, dreams and reality in the novel “Don Quixote”. This paper explores the issues of hope versus disillusionment, and dreams versus reality in the novel “Don Quixote”. The author provides examples of the state

Compares styles, themes, realities of poems written in response to birds. Percy Shelley’s poem To a Sky-Lark and John Keats’s poem Ode to a Nightingale are both centered on nature in the form of birds. Both poems are classified as

A study of the texts “Leaves of Grass: Song of Myself,” by Walt Whitman, “Moby Dick,” by Herman Melville, and “The Scarlet Letter,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne to show society’s control of feeling. The paper examines the poem Leaves of Grass:

This paper compares “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, “The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros and “No Matter What” by Mary Saracino and depicts how the characters all find themselves in a social class marginalized from mainstream

An analysis of the book “Reservation Blues” by Sherman Alexie, New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1995. The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the book “Reservation Blues,” by Sherman Alexie. Specifically, it looks at the musical poem

An examination of three books by contemporary African writers. This paper introduces and discusses the books, “So Long a Letter” by Mariama Ba, “Devil on the Cross” by Ngg wa Thiongo and “July’s People by Nadine Gordimer. Specifically, the author

An examination of the Guatemalan story “I, Rigoberta Menchu” by anthropologist Elisabeth Burgos-Debray. This paper explores anthropologist Elisabeth Burgos-Debray description of the Guatemalan women, Rigoberta Menchu , who describes her Indian peasant life to the author. The paper exhibits the

A look at the contributions of this 20th century author to a changing society. This paper attempts to explore Salman Rushdie’s impact on society. It looks at the controversies he stirs up and the reasons for him having such a

Looks at various themes in the novel, focusing on Endo’s theories on strength versus weakness, the role of the church and religious doctrine, and also what it means to be a good Christian in the eyes of God. This paper

This paper compares Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein and Fyodor Dostoevsky’s, “Notes from Underground”. In this paper Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein is compared to Fyodor Dostoevsky’s, “Notes from Underground”. The writer of this paper focuses on the language and imagery that were used

Examines themes of death, rebirth, self-discovery, lost innocence, spiritual awakening and identity. Death as a Theme in the Poetry of Theodore Roethke Theodore Roethke spent much of his childhood working and playing in his father’s greenhouses. Later, he was to

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