Karina’s debut album, First Love, is both phenomenal and beyond her years. When listening to her voice, you’d naturally think she was older. Aside from her youth, Karina has the kind of voice that makes her seem about 10 years

Rap to me is one of those things that have been forgotten. It has in a sense, lots its way. It used to be real. And that means that when those artists were rapping, they were talking about something real,

You’re Awful, I Love You is the second album from Ludo, an Alternative rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. Members consist of Andrew Volpe (guitar and vocals), Tim Ferrell (guitar), Tim Convy (keyboard), and Matt Palermo (drums). The first single

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The Neighbourhood (THE NBHD) – Music Review Lately a new indie band has been hitting the scene; its pop-esque, dark, and bass-heavy tone has nearly everyone in shock. Right out of California, this band is surely the type that you’d

Michael Buble. Where to start? Although a lot of people would think of him as a jazz artist and think that they don’t like jazz. Yes, there are some songs in the style of jazz on the album but there

I am in love with the album “Love Strong” by Christina Perri, released May 10th 2011. I decided to write about this particular album because I do believe that the songs on this album are very down-to-earth, heartfelt songs. These

You walk onto a bridge, feeling the noise around you slow and then stop as if someone pushed mute, followed by a moment of sheer noise as the crowd’s anticipation swells. Now, imagine that only your brothers, your passion and

1. Their lyrics. The words are very metaphorical and trashy-poetic. “Tangled up in lies like the sheets of another one-night stand.” Also, they have quite a vocabulary. “You’re so synical.” “Give me therapy, I’m a walking Travesty.” The words they

The synthpop duo Ejecta, consisting of Neon Indian’s Leanne Mccomber and producer Joel Ford, released their debut full-length studio record Dominae in November 2013. The album included ten tracks that were all a treat to listen, especially the fast-paced danceable

“I LOVE MYSELF!” These are the three words TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) artist Kendrick Lamar has engraved into his listeners’ ears with his latest single, “i”. Two years removed from the release of his arguably classic debut album good kid,

Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge is back with the third effort from his U2 influenced “space punk” group, Angels & Airwaves. The new album, LOVE, was given away for free on their website on February 14th, 2010 in order to coincide

Spoon-Love Ways released in 2000 The band Spoon is from Austin, Texas and they are a American rock band. The band members are Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, Rob Pope, and Eric Harvey. After releasing 3 other albums starting in 1996

As I sit writing this review, listening to Tribe’s latest release, I cannot help but bob my head to the laid- back beats of this New York City trio. I picked up this, their most recent and regrettably last release.

When I purchased this, the newestDylan album, I only wanted to find his old sound, that of “the freewheelin’Bob Dylan,” where it was just him, his harmonica and guitar. When I listenedto the album I was upset to find blues,

I have always been a fan of John Legend and can recognize the sound of his music in my sleep; my admiration for his music may make my opinion slightly biased towards his albums. Everyone that listens to John Legend

If you’re searching for your next big German, alternative band, Cinema Bizarre is fantastic for you because they also do fluid English songs. The band formed 2005, originated in Berlin, Germany. The group had released their first debute album on

I own almost all of the albums of H.I.M. and I have to say the album “And Love Said No” really is the best of all their albums. The songs really highlight the whole love metal thing they have going

The song Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis brings up the topic of same sex relationships. The song brings up how people today frown upon people of the same sex loving each other. The song goes on to explain

The hit teen sensation, Justin Bieber is over-rated. He is a fifteen-year-old boy singing about loving and doing girls. In the song “Love Me”, Bieber sings, “Love me, Love me, say that you love me. Fool me, fool me. Oh

Ok i would just like to say I no longer have a hate for Chris Brown. He beat Rihanna and everyone felt so bad for her but now she has a song were she says “Just gonna stand there And

As soon as I had first heard David Guetta’s “When love takes over”, I wanted to put on my dancing shoes and hit the dance floor. A few months later, when he came out with the album, I was so

Top Love Songs Recently, while reading a magazine, I saw an article listing the top love songs. The songs listed were cheesy and/or overused songs, such as Howie Day’s Collide, and James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful. The article gave me the

Despite a few floppy tracks, “Love Is Only a Feeling” (song) is a stupendous song with incredible lyrical choice.As Joey is explaining in the intro how this female makes him happy, he goes on about their future together and the

Eventhough its been a year ago, almost everybody loves his songs and our still instrested.Admit it! I dont think anybody is over Neyo. When it had came to the top of the R&B songs list I was filled with excitement.

As times change, usually so does music. From buffalo-skin drums to pan flutes to Mozart, from Sinatra to Van Halen to the Jonas Brothers, music shifts to match the ages and innovations. When it comes to music, we rarely look

Modest Mouse is one of my favorite bands.I have been enjoying and rocking out to their music for two years now. Ifirst heard about them through a friend when they were not mainstreampunk/rock. Then this year “Float On” started grabbingpeople’s

“The Kitchen: A Place of Love” by Jennifer Y. provides insight to her everyday life in the kitchen.She reminds us that we, as human beings, take many things for granted.As people go through life, they don’t truly see what they

In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, many questions are raised as to whether or not Hamlet is really in love with Ophelia. Although there is much evidence arguing that Hamlet never loved her and that he was just using her, there is

Ilove my mom. But it would hard to deny that I have been somewhat relieved tohave 2,000 miles between us since she moved back to Mississippi. My motheris the bipolar product of an anxious Japanese woman and a stereotypical Southernman.

Life is full of wonders, frustrations, disappointments, pains, heartaches and depressions. No one never dreamed of experiencing pain caused by lies, deception, betrayal, mistrust and complications. Life has to be enjoyed, love must be shared but in doing so, you

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