It was like that rainy day, when the storm outside keeps you from your favorite tree. How the lightening and thunder remind you why you can’t run outside barefoot. But as you stare outside and watch the grass thrive under

What, in your opinion, is the most over-used ideaexpressed in a popular saying? It’s what starry-eyed lovers whisper asthey gaze at a Paris sunset, what 10-year-olds shout to their mothers as theysprint toward the already departing morning bus, and what

I never thought I could fall in love with a girl so much until like almost the end of 7th grade. It started when she was going out with this guy named Gustavo and I liked her a lot. Well

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Walking into the building I smelled cafeteria food and heard the sound of teachers setting out breakfast. I hate mornings enough as is ,but it being summer made it so much worse. I was nervous to be here, you see

For the past three years nothing in my life has remained the same for long; hair grows and then is cut to a new style, girls come and go, seasons change, my ever-fluctuating math and science grades keep me busy,

There is this mistake many of us who have yet to fall in love, or at the very least come to grips with an adequate definition of what that word actually means make on a fairly consistent basis. Make no

Discovery, if not the truest form of learning, is at least the form that has taught me the most about myself and the extent of my abilities. At age 15, I was given the most open-ended assignment of my entire

In kindergarten I met my first love. It was not an average crush, where I passed love notes for two weeks until I moved onto the next boy in my class. I fell hard and I fell fast, and it

Triangle of love There was a young girl named Esperanza and she really liked a boy named Roberto. He hung out with the jocks and she was pretty much hanging out with the smart people. So one day she tried

I never thought I would be able to care for someone outside of myself. It goes by many names; a blessing to most, and a curse to the broken heart. To others, it could mean moving forward. For the rest,

I am afraid that, at thetender age of 18, I have fallen in love and want to get married. Oh, sure, myparents object, saying it is irresponsible, and my friends think I’m insane, butI pay no attention. I have found

The purity of love: how much love one human being can actually express for another has always been a question that has baffled even the wisest of men. I have questioned extensively the validity of unconditional love. I believed for

I am Malik G. I am the youngest of six children.I love sports, scouts, and family.I am hardworking and love a challenge.I am son of hardworking parents.I love them and appreciate all they do for me.And I would like to

He was a strong, brave individual and not once did he complain during his struggle. In my eyes, he was Superman; nothing seemed to affect him and he never ceased to amaze me. He never cared what people thought of

I have grown to accept change as a natural occurrence. It is just nature’s way that whenever a situation becomes manageable, it must change. This theory has held for most of my life, especially my childhood. Growing up I was

They had been a rather interesting sight. Lips, tongues, and limbs contorted in ways that I never thought were possible. My parents had told me that attending a summer art program would help me to become more open minded. Though

The love triangle. It was a week before halloween when it happened. I was walking down my road towards home after school. I was with Zake my boyfriend when Staci Kelly and her gang came up to us. Everybody knows

People have said that I am a hard-worker, a perfectionist, and a leader. They have described me as successful, dedicated, and helpful. But these are only broad terms that outline the scope of my character. Those who really know me

Affectionate. Humble. Resilient. I somehow believe that these three words can craft a man like Superman, not literally as a hero but someone you can idolize and be proud of. But where in this world I can find him? Is

It’s a weird feeling, not knowing who your parents are, not knowing your family. Sure, there are the two people who have raised you, and all of their relatives. They all love you to death, treat you like their own.

Losing someone you love can be hard. But what does it mean to lose someone you love. Most people think death, but knowing that someone is leaving your life,and not knowing when they will return if they ever do. Let

Different people influence our lives everyday. Friends, teachers, parents, even strangers can influence us. Some are positive to who we are as a person…Others, not so much. For me, the person who has had the most significant influence on me

The signs were inescapably obvious. Simple nouns such as “McDonalds” and “White Castle” were forgotten. The stories would almost always conclude with “What-cha-ma-call-it…?” which became her most frequent saying. Members of my family who could see the changes recognized the

It was October 17, 2010. I had just left all-night bowling with a couple of my friends at about 3AM. We went out to eat at Eat N’ Park, and we were just enjoying ourselves, having a good time. I

They say I’m addicted. They say it’s become my life. It’s all I need for a good time. I’ll do it alone, with thousands of people around, even with my family there. An obsession? Maybe. A love? Definitely. So what

Love or drugs. Friends or fame. Peter Breslin, who wrote Vicissitudes of Orpheus and Randy Schmidt who wrote “Karen Carpenter’s Tragic Story”, both expressed the escapes of Orpheus and Karen. Orpheus overdosed on love while Karen overdosed on her body

The snow has melted and that classic New England humidity has just settled in which means two things: My baseball season is in full swing, and Work Camp is approaching! For the past four summers I have had the pleasure

As he approaches me, he cheerfully greets me saying “Hey, how are you?”, and warmly shakes my hand. A bit unsure of my new surroundings, I give a shy response with a timid handshake. He asks, “Would you come this

Dear Mrs. XXX, You are the best teacher ever! During Year Two, it was fun when you gave us mealworms to study (although it was disgusting when you told us that people really crunch them!!!!). It was also fun when

One day I will travel to Hong Kong. Though most people are attracted by the city’s tourist sites, I want to enjoy Hong Kong’s extensive subway system, large double-decker busses, tiny shuttle busses, and the famous double-decker streetcars that have

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