This paper discusses the issues surrounding ethical behavior by managers. This paper looks at corporate social responsibility and the importance of ethical behavior by management in business. The author stresses the importance of acting responsibly and how the manager’s actions

A paper which discusses the importance of performance measurement systems in managing an organization. The paper shows that a performance measurement system is an important tool in managing an organization as it allows an organization to define what is important

This paper examines how an organization can handle a crisis. The steps an organization takes during a crisis will determine how they come out of it. This paper lays out how an organization can effectively deal with crisis to prevent

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An examination of classroom management techniques. The author discusses the importance of creating classroom routines, plans and a safe environment for children to interact for effective classroom performance. “There are certain characteristics an educator must posses in order to establish

A look into the delegation process and the importance of delegation for correct management procedures. This paper discusses the factors that make for successful delegation of tasks, how people work together and what managers should take into consideration about their

Defines and compares goals, theories, advantages, drawbacks and futures of two approaches to management and quality assurance. Introduction Quality has become an important issue for companies, and in today’s global market, it is no surprise that quality management has taken

A paper which presents a detailed examination of quality management at the YMCA. The paper shows that the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is a world-wide organization that provides many different programs and opportunities for its members. It discusses the

Contribution of MISs to business operations, decision-making, strategic advantages; case study of Chrysler Corp. The innovations in inventory control mark a dramatic departure from the more traditional FIFO (first in, first out) and LIFO (last in, first out) systems that

An examination of the corporate culture and its significance in organizational management. This paper discusses the importance of corporate culture in management and in the overall functioning of organizations. The author examines the way that corporate culture impacts organizational behavior.

This paper examines how a hypothetical business specializing in matrouchkas can use time series to help balance the business’s budget and inventory and the added complexities of working in the import field. This paper presents a hypothetical business venture and

An analysis of management issues in secondary education institutions. This paper discusses the claim that the management of educational institutions should be run in the same manner as business management. It describes the various problems which can and do arise

Compares two approaches, purposes, methods, interrelationship, effects on worker performance, implementation, future. Recent years have seen an increase in the emphasis of total quality management (TQM) programs in many different types of businesses as organizations seek to increase their productivity,

Review of Peter Drucker’s book on management and the challenges it faces in the future. This paper reviews Drucker’s book on management challenges. The paper details the focus of Drucker’s book and the change management techniques described by Drucker that

A description of yield management and how it is applied to the aviation industry. This paper discusses yield management, an economic stratagem that analyzes change in a demand pattern with a view to optimizing the profitability of a business, and

A description of the quality management system developed by Motorola in the 1980’s and now widely used in industry. Six Sigma is an influential quality management system that first appeared in the mid 1990s. Six Sigma aims to increase customer

Examines Mexican cultural, business/labor & gender issues & effects on Canadian & Amer. firms in context of implementation of NAFTA. This research examines critical issues for human resource management (HRM) in relation to the implementation of the North American Free

An analysis of change management and strategies that deal with possible emergence of stress as a result of organizational change. This paper examines certain workplace issues of satisfaction, including job security, fair wage and salary levels, equitable distribution of benefits,

An analysis of the connection between management strategies and bank performance. This paper discusses the importance of bank performance and management strategies, what objective should the procedure accomplish and the importing of liquidity management. It outlines the most important measurements

A discussion of how the United States deals with states of emergency, what constitutes an emergency, how to deal with it and financial aid in the aftermath. In the wake of the September 11th attacks, the author looks at how

A brief look at the benefits to students of sticking to a study routine. The writer presents the advantages of establishing a firm study routine for students when managing the load of school work and explains that this forms excellent

Examines systems theory and systems thinking by analyzing the Jograni organization. This paper discusses and examines the approaches of systems theory and systems thinking by analyzing the Jograni organization and its operational management. The paper also takes a look at

A study into the stages of problem identification and solving in operations management. This paper outlines the steps to be taken in discerning a specific problem in operations management, why it happened, how to approach the issue and what the

Examines theory & practice, cultural factors, corp. loyalty, motivation, power & control, failure, decision making, flexiblity; compared to American style. JAPANESE MANAGEMENT STYLE This research reviews the Japanese style of manufacturing management. Management problem solving approaches, leadership styles, worker attitudes

Definition, problems, benefits & goals of implementation of TQM program in theory & practice.

This paper analyzes the future of management at the Ford Motor Company. Using the Ford Motor Company as an example, this paper looks at the concept of management of change and the future. It studies the current management trend that

This paper discusses various tools of effective classroom management. A discussion of effective managing and controlling of the classroom environment. Without effective classroom management, the quality of teaching cannot be ensured. This is the reason for which experts give considerable

A critical analysis of an article written by Jack Handy in 1995 on the concept of the virtual office. In this essay, the author critically reviews and analyzes an article, entitled Trust and the virtual organization: How do you manage

A case analysis of Campbell Soup’s strategic management. The paper looks at the changes in management of the company under three different CEO’s. It deals with issues such as product diversification, target achievement, restructuring of major business units and evaluates

A discussion of how to give managers a competitive advantage to increase productivity. Productivity results are measurements of good management skills and decisions. This paper gives some advice to managers on how to get competitive using different marketing techniques in

Critical review of work by Daniel Nelson on Taylor’s positive & negative impact on American industry, factory system, management & labor, productivity, innovations. Daniel Nelson, in Frederick W. Taylor and the Rise of Scientific Management, explores and analyzes the techniques

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