This paper compares and contrasts the marketing strategies for promoting fleets versus individual vehicles. An examination of how advertising campaigns change their focus when promoting individual vehicles over fleets of cars. It shows how individual vehicles are pushed to be

Examines some of the innovative marketing techniques that helped make a hit out of a film that many thought to be a difficult sell. The movie Braveheart is an interesting study in film marketing techniques. The film seemed to lack

An analysis of the marketing strategies involved in entry into the Chinese Market by these express mail leaders. This paper compares and contrasts the marketing strategies of FedEx and UPS for entry into the Chinese market. The areas discussed include

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Examines the history, development and products of Jamba Juice, a San Francisco based juice bar company focusing on young health nuts. Jamba Juice Marketing Analysis Introduction Jamba Juice Company was founded as the Juice Store in 1987. It was the

Overview of business conditions in Indonesia, France & South Africa, for consideration of corp. expansion from domestic market. The McDonald’s sales are based on impulse, rather than a rational thought. As a result, the aim of the marketing campaigns implemented

Importance of consumer to marketing strategy. Product decisions, targeting, distribution, promotion, pricing. Marketing decisions affect all aspects of a company’s operations, from determining what type of product will be produced to how much to charge for the product. In addition,

Analyzes BMW showroom displays, sales literature, press reports and consumer data in order to study the different ways in which BMWs are promoted in Great Britain. BMW Series 5 Autos In Great Britain: A Marketing Research Survey Summary In an

A marketing plan for a fictitious new company in the hi-tech music world which uses MP3 technology. This paper presents a detailed business and marketing plan for a new start-up in the music world. The paper shows how the company

An analysis of the Marlboro cigarettes advertising strategy and how the company created its manly image. A look at how companies pitch their products to appeal to their customers’ lifestyles. Theories of marketing and advertising strategies are examined. The Marlboro

Creates a marketing plan for capturing market share that comprises people willing to buy whitening based toothpaste. Marketing Report: Colgate Palmolive Ultra Brite Toothpaste Executive Summary Consumers will step up to a higher price or enhanced quality product if given

A look at the strategy of marketing products in foreign countries. Using the example of the International Corn Flake Company, the paper explores globalization marketing strategy. It looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s marketing strategies and the

Short essays discussing: test marketing, the four Ps, product life cycle, and marketing communication mix. Any form of test marketing has its drawbacks. Marketers of food products often use taste testing as a way of predicting consumer behavior with reference

Product life cycle, manufacture & distribution, marketing mix, executive decision-making, chains & independent theaters, promotion, marketing planning. Marketing activities are a critical part of a company’s strategic plan. A company may have an outstanding product, but if it is unable

Describes the company, product and service. Discusses relationship strategy, product strategy and customer strategy. Examines the McDonald’s attitude as a sales clerk. McDonald’s: A Marketing Strategy Study McDonald’s has become a multi-billion dollar operation by following some very old-fashioned ideas

A discussion of when strategic competition is more appropriate than team cooperation. This paper discusses the marketing strategy of Herbal Advisor by doing a study on which method is best for this company. The study reveals how strategic competition proves

Examines strategies, effectiveness, advantages, employee and consumer impact, economics and an example ( booksellers). On-Line Marketing The Market Significance of the Internet The World Wide Web was started in 1990 as a way for researchers to communicate easily over the

Analyzes market, regulation, consumption, European Community issues, threats & opportunities, future. This research assesses the prospects for the marketing of Absolute brand vodka in France. The findings of this assessment are presented in the contexts of (1) market description, (2)

An overview of global marketing issues and their application to Indonesia. Discusses labor, communications, role of government and keys to success. Introduction Innovations in transportation and communications during the twentieth century have resulted in the ability of goods and services

This paper discusses the history, future and challenges of the economic, social, technical and regulatory environment facing the Visa International company worldwide. “Visa International is a bank-sponsored consortium that oversees the global activities of what is now the world’s largest

This paper discusses the idea and obstacles about marketing hedge funds in Europe. This paper looks at the history of pooled monetary funds. It discusses the difficulties experienced throughout recent history to get this concept publicly accepted but how, now,

This paper reviews the implications and importance of the social environment on organizations, markets and brands. This paper is an analysis of Malcolm Gladwell’s,`The Tipping Point- How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference.` It reviews the different theories posited

Compares marketing in these two countries in terms of consumers, segmentation, pricing, distribution, brand names, guarantees, advertising, packaging and direct mail. MARKETING IN JAPAN AND THE UNITED STATES: A COMPARISON Introduction This research compares marketing practices in Japan with those

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