From a very young age, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. As children, we all dream of our futures and, for some of us, the dreams of childhood directly and clearly form the path we will take into the world.

For over a decade patients and distributors of medical marijuana have battled the federal government for their right to use marijuana for its medicinal qualities. Although marijuana use is against federal law, medical marijuana has been permitted in sixteen states

Examines this methodological approach, compared to quantitative, techniques, interviewing, implications for nursing. Nursing research increasingly is moving away from quantitative research methods, towards qualitative techniques to describe and give meaning to life experiences. Participant observation is a popular way of

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Analyzes skill requirements & career opportunities of EMS from perspective of nurse manager. Today’s economic difficulties in the health care industry are producing an ever-increasing number of reasons for nurses to seek other areas in which to market their skills

A study on women’s labor issues as seen in the nursing industry. This paper examines the struggle for fair working conditions and rewards for nurses, through the case study of the Youngstown nurse strike. The paper looks at the issue

A definition of cochlear implants and the effect such implants have on childhood development. The paper defines a cochlear implant as a device which converts sound waves into electric signals and thus allows the hearing impaired to hear at a

Discusses organ donation popularity. The paper discusses why organ donation is not more popular and gives suggestions on solving the scarcity of donors by better use of education. “In America, we have the choice to donate organs and save other

An examination of bimanual coordination and the suggestion that it is the result of a complex set of neurological events which can be enhanced under the proper learning conditions. In this paper the author takes an in-depth look at bimanual

This paper discusses methods by which to educate society about the threat of AIDS. This essay analyzes possible solutions to the AIDS malady. The author stresses the importance of massive education programs, spreading information about the fatal virus and means

Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. HIP OSTEOARTHRITIS Introduction Osteoarthritis is found to be the most common form of arthritis. Studies show that around five percent of the US population is affected with hip or knee osteoarthritis and over 70 percent

This paper gives an overview of the symptoms and causes of multiple sclerosis. It includes illustrations of myelin sheathe damage, author’s personal experiences with MS, and in-depth descriptions of three drugs commonly used to treat MS. This is a concise

Special health problems & need for medical assessment of older women living alone. This paper discusses the importance of taking a health history and doing a complete physical exam for older (65+) females who have no acute signs of distress

Examines role of clinical training in transition from school to work. Theory, socialization, preceptorship programs, skills acquisition, self-perceptions. In a 1968 study Kramer investigated the dimensions of role socialization in novice nurses and reasons for the early abandonment of the

A look at the developing world of AI. This paper covers all the main aspects of Artificial Intelligence in medicine. The author gives lavish examples of systems in use. The author then covers controversies involving artificial intelligence in medicine. “From

Educational requirements, need for, theory, services delivered, implications for professional nursing & health care system, economics, nurse-managed clinics, specialist and team care.

Examines 1996 research & optimistic results of tests using multi-drug approaches. Includes a table. COMBINATION DRUG THERAPY FOR AIDS–MORE HOPE AT MID-1996 Introduction Encouraging results for yet more drugs for AIDS patients were announced at the 11th International Conference on

With much reference to Greene’s The Explosive Child the author explores rage disorders experienced by children. In this paper the author looks at various explosive disorders suffered by children and the symptoms that they demonstrate. In particular the author looks

This paper discusses the AIDS epidemic in Africa. This paper explores the spreading of AIDS in Africa. It shows various studies headed by international organizations that have tried to both analyze and prevent the rapid spread of AIDS on the

Incidence, causes, treatment, effects, focusing on educational & developmental problems. The HIV epidemic in the United States continues to grow, even as the number of infected homosexual men has leveled off. The increasing number of children infected results from the

Examines why women fail to take part in cancer screening & recommendations to increase numbers. Fear, ethnic issues, education, fatalism, embarrassment, costs, age and family are all issues discussed. FEAR AND SCREENING FOR CERVICAL CANCER: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE

A look at infant massaging in the media. This paper examines the trend of “baby massage” which has recently become popular, and its portrayal in various media sources, such as Time magazine, a human development textbook, and several research articles.

Importance of homeostatic regulation, causes & dangers of imbalance, patient education. Most of the human body’s weight consists of fluid. This mixture of water and electrolytes is subdivided into separate and distinct compartments. Various homeostatic mechanisms precisely define the composition

A paper discussing scoliosis, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. The following paper examines what scoliosis, a condition causing the spine to curve with a “rotational deformity”, means psychologically and physically. The writer looks at what parts of the population are

Examines ethical theories & principles related to patient’s Do Not Resuscitate order & operating room nurse’s duties. This research explores the issues faced by the operating room nurse in relation to the do not resuscitate (DNR) order. These issues are

A discussion on Florence Nightingale’s nursing model and its positive influence on the nursing profession and hospitals. This paper discusses Florence Nightingale’s contribution to nursing field. Nightingale developed a new modern nursing model that emphasized on improving sanitation and hospital

A look at the benefits and relief of firefighting for society. This paper examines the importance of firefighting and the benefits thereof. The author looks at fire prevention schemes, the importance of creating safe working environments as to prevent fires

A look at the different methods of therapy available with music. This paper provides a detailed account of the Music therapy method of treatment especially in the critical care units. It shows how modern scientists agree that many different kinds

Reviews work on corruption of community & medical system by creation of diseases, expansion of health service sector and the curricularization of health education. The Careless Society: Community and Its Counterfeits, by John McKnight, is a collection of lectures and

This paper examines the political, social and economic woes of Medicare’s drug problem: No prescription coverage for the disabled and the elderly. This paper covers the much debated issue of the Medicare program?s lack of prescription drug coverage for the

This paper discusses research on anxiety and panic disorders combining personal experience and statistics, causes, descriptions, and treatments of the disorders. The author begins the paper with an account of a panic attack he suffered. He then goes into the

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