The mission of the MENLO Is to generate Increased public support for the law enforcement profession by permanently recording and appropriately commemorating the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers: and to provide information that will help promote law enforcement

William Jefferson Clinton Address at the Muhammad Ali Memorial Service delivered 10 June 2016, KFC YUM! Center, Louisville, Kentucky First, Lonnie, I thank you and the members of the family for telling me that he actually — as Bryant [Gumbel]

William Jefferson Clinton Remarks at the Memorial Service for Ed Bradley delivered 21 November 2006 Riverside Church, New York City “…a brilliant, insatiably curious traveler on a relentless lifetime quest to get to the bottom of things.” I am an

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William Jefferson Clinton Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Prayer Service Address delivered 23 April 1995 in Oklahoma City, OK Thank you very much, Governor Keating and Mrs. Keating, Reverend Graham, to the families of those who have been lost and wounded, to

Tom Brokaw National WWII Memorial Dedication Ceremony Address delivered 29 May 2004 It goes without saying that this for me is a special privilege here today because we gather to pay tribute to sacrifice and valor, to common cause and

Shinzo Abe Address at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial delivered 27 May 2016, Hiroshima, Japan Last year, at the 70th anniversary of the end of war, I visited the United States and made a speech as Prime Minister of Japan at

Philip Knight Address at the Public Memorial for Joe Paterno delivered 26 January 2012, State College, PA I’m Phil Knight. I’m chairman of Nike. Two months ago in Cupertino, California, they held a memorial service for Steve Jobs. Tim Cook

Phil Jackson Address at the Memorial for Jerry Buss delivered 21 February 2013, Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, California My first meeting with Dr. Buss was after I’d been introduced to the L.A. community and the press. Jerry West drove me

Nikki Giovanni Remarks at the Memorial Ceremony for Virginia Tech Shooting Victims delivered 17 April 2007″We Are Virginia Tech” We are Virginia Tech. We are sad today and we will be sad for quite awhile. We are not moving on;

Michelle Obama Address at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial Center delivered 3 March 2009, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia I want to thank the General for that kind introduction, and to thank her for her lifetime of

Luke Russert Remarks at the Kennedy Center Memorial Service for Tim Russert delivered 18 June 2008 Just before I begin, my mother and I would just like to extend our deepest thanks for the tremendous outpouring of love and support

Kevin Costner Address at the Public Memorial for Whitney Houston delivered 18 February 2012, New Hope Baptist Church, Newark, NJ I’d like to thank Cissy and Dionne for the honor of being here, for everybody in the church treating my

Joseph Biden Address at the Public Memorial for John Glenn delivered 17 December 2016, Mershon Auditorium, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio When John Glenn was 10 years old, his father, his hero, a veteran of World War I, taught

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg National Memorial Address for Bombing Victims of Norway 24 July 2011, Oslo Cathedral, Norway Your Majesties, Dear Eskil, Dear all of you, It is nearly two days since Norway was hit by the worst atrocity it

Joseph Vincent “Jay” Paterno Eulogy Address at the Public Memorial for Joe Paterno delivered 26 January 2012, State College, PA Thank you very much. As you know, my name is Jay Paterno, but what I’m proudest of is when you

Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales Remarks at the Service of Thanksgiving for Princess Diana delivered 31 August 2007, Guards Chapel, London William and I can separate life into two parts. There were those years when we were blessed

Franklin Graham Remarks at the Memorial Service for Jerry Falwell delivered 22 May 2007, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA Macel, Jerry Jr., Jeannie, Jonathan, family: People have asked me, “Franklin, did you agree with Jerry Falwell?” Every time he

Gen. David McKiernan Memorial Day Address at Camp Eggers delivered 25 May 2009, Kabul, Afghanistan I’m very honored to be here with all of you today, in the company of great soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and civilians of many

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney Memorial Remarks for Ronald Reagan delivered 11 June 2004, National Cathedral, Washington, D.C. In the spring of 1987, President Reagan and I were driven into a large hangar at the Ottawa Airport, to await the arrival

Reverend Billy Graham Address at the Episcopal National Cathedral Delivered 14 September, National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, Washington D.C. President and Mrs. Bush, I want to say a personal word on behalf of many people. Thank you, Mr. President,

Reverend Billy Graham Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Prayer Service Address delivered 23 April 1995 in Oklahoma City, OK And for all that has been said, I don’t know what I’m going to say because we’ve had several messages brought here. One

Bernice King Remarks at the Memorial Service for Yolanda King delivered 24 May 2007, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia Hear my cry, Oh Lord; attend unto to my prayer. From the ends of the earth will I cry unto you,

Barack Obama Memorial Address for Nelson Mandela delivered 10 December 2013, First National Bank Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa To Graça Machel and the Mandela family; to President Zuma and members of the government; to heads of states and government, past

Barack Obama Speech at the ‘Together We Thrive: Tucson and America’ Memorial delivered 12 January 2011, McKale Memorial Center, University of Arizona, Tucson Thank you. Please — Please be seated. To the families of those we’ve lost; to all who

Barack Obama Speech at the Memorial Service for Fort Hood Servicemen and Servicewomen delivered 10 November 2009, Fort Hood, TX To the Fort Hood community; to Admiral Mullen; General Casey; General Cone; Secretary McHugh; Secretary Gates; most importantly, to family,

Barack Obama Pre-Inauguration Address at the Lincoln Memorial delivered 18 January 2009, Washington, D.C. Hello America! I want to thank all the speakers and performers today for reminding us, through song and through words, just what it is that we

Holocaust Memorial Essay, Research PaperThe Holocaust MemorialLocated near to lively South Beach is one of the most persistent pieces of art I have of all time seen. The deeply traveling Holocaust Memorial in Miami is an art installing that combines

Great work forces live for the interest of their ain state. Many colored soldiers specifically Afro-american soldiers sacrificed their ain lives during the conflicts in several wars engaged in by the United States of America. Likewise. several of them leave

My name is JOHN NICOLLS MENOR FRAN. I was born in Iba Zambales Hospital last May 16. 1995. My female parent is OLIVIA MENOR married to SATURNINO A. FRAN and I have elder brother JEFFERSON M. FRAN. My female parent

As many people know, the architects of many buildings have used a multitude of techniques and methods from ancient architecture to build newer buildings. For example, the Capitol Building uses Greek and Roman architecture in its columns, while the Washington

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