The Course Paper “A contrastive Analysis of translating metaphors in Shakespeare’s Sonnets” is devoted to the analysis of English metaphors, their lassification, the difficulties and mistakes that can appear in translating them into Romanian. The reason of the choice of

A Poison Tree by William Blake can be interpreted to be a metaphor that explains a truth of human nature. I believe that this poem teaches how anger can be dismissed by kindness and friendliness, and nurtured to become a

How does Owen explore the horror of war through the power of poetry? Refer to at least TWO poems you have studied Wilfred Owen’s poignant war poetry is emblematic of the horror and brutality of war. His perceptive descriptions capture

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The author mocks at the weak points of education, at ridiculous university traditions and the life of students in general. The title of the story “Arrowsmith” depicts the surname of the main character. It is a quite rare English surname.

When the word ‘propaganda’ is used, negative connotations are generally brought to mind. People think of politicians using propaganda to force their agenda on others or to slander their opponent’s name as in the new election coming up between Obama

Conveys the impression that Darwin is a place where people who don’t fit in come together| Topic sentence/s – the distinctively visual setting in Maestro assists in representing/capturing the identity of Darwin of the 1960’s. | Evidence| Techniques| Effect| After

Changes can be defined as a process or transition and refers to the act or instance of being different. A study of change in Preliminary English has allowed for a greater understanding of the concept. Transitions or changes in our

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