Michael Jordan

Fuel up, power up, or gas up when performing in any sport you will need something to keep you going. Gatorade is a drink that makes it look like you will gain a lot of energy when you take the

Hello my name is Jacob Auernhammer and I am here to tell you about the life of a king we all know. I will inform you of the life of Michael Jordan by first discussing his childhood, then his high

With Jordan’s likable personality, charisma, and heart, they noticed something special in him. Therefore, they offered him a 5-year contract worth 2. 5 million dollars that he could not refuse. Michael Jordan was then officially signed to Nike, and this

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Michael Jordan VS Wikipedia Over the past twelve years there has been a great controversy on whether or not the website Wikipedia is reliable enough to get sources that are accurate enough to believe. Many seem quick to judge whether

When sitting down and thinking about a leader that I wanted to write about, and eventually stand up in front of people and talk about was a lot harder of a thing to do than I originally thought. There are

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