Although Kings At Heart’s self-titled album was released in 2012, it is one album that needs to be shared with everyone. The Australian band Kings At Heart isn’t just a regular melodic hardcore band. They have a sound all their

Any Led Zeppelin fan can tell you that much of today’s “metal” was derived from the music of Led Zeppelin, whether it be their on-stage presence, their forceful plodding sound, or their slash guitar riffs. Many Zeppelin fans have a

April 14 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of a stunning album, one that pushed artistic boundaries and easily combined seemingly disparate musical styles into a hypnotic concoction of electronic artistry. The album is Esthero’s debut LP, “Breath from

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First of all, I must say that only in some respects, Al has done it again. His latest CD which came out earlier this year, contains new parodies including “Amish Paradise,” a parody of Coolio’s “Gansta’s Paradise.” Also on this

Radio airplay is no measure oftalent. If it were, Jump, Little Children would not be thebest band you’ve never heard – they’d be the best band youhave blasting 24-7. Although they’ve become extremely populararound their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina

Musicprovides a voice for generations as well as an audio history of pop culture. Aschildren, we learned about life and love from the music our parents played. TheBeatles, Frank Sinatra and U2 rang through our houses, embedding harmonies andcatchy lyrics

When I think of musicians from Indiana, my minds usually jumps to the big names like Michael Jackson, John Mellancamp. Adam Lambert, even Babyface, if you’re in to that whole nineties R&B stuff. They’re the big fish in the decently-sized

Bieber Fever. I considered putting theis in quotation marks, suggesting theat its more of an unknown or exclusive type of nickname, theough quickly after considering it scolded myself for even theinking sometheing of such absurdity. Who on Earthe does not

How would you like to be able to fly, touch the sky, and have no star out of reach? Well, this song cannot actually make you do all of those things, but it can give you the sensation of it.

With all of the bad media surrounding falling starlets, it’s refreshing to see one teen star who hasn’t sacrificed her dignity. Hilary Duff’s album, “Dignity,” named for something that seems to be lacking around Hollywood lately, is a fresh start

In their latest album, “Modern Vampires of the City,” Vampire Weekend makes it apparent that they have grown since their debut in 2008. There is an aura of confidence and maturity in the album. “Modern Vampires” transcends the college life

Everybody has that one song that is totally unique to them, and when one is able to share that music with another, the feeling of pride that comes with sharing such a private and personal experience is a singular one.

My view on modern music is much the same as my views on life: cynical. So rarely will I find myself listening to the stylings of Iggy Azalea, or the next hackneyed pop sensation. I typically indulge in the 90’s

As a huge Bullet For My Valentine fan, I was extremely excited to hear that they were releasing a new album in early 2013. Their first three albums are all quite different from each other so I was eager to

Are you tired of being constantly bombarded with meaningless pop fluff that MTV throws at your brain? Need a little something fresh and exciting? Then head to your local record store’s opera section and pick up Philip Glass’ 4-CD epic,

Itwas pitch black and dead silent. The opening band, Graham Colton, had plowedthrough their nine-song, hour-long set which felt like an eternity. Everyone wasanxiously awaiting The Counting Crows, who are touring to promote “HardCandy.” Suddenly, the lights went up and

Manchester Orchestra’s latest album, “I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child,” is a must-have for all fans of indie-rock. Manchester Orchestra is not what the name implies. The band, a quintet from Atlanta, Georgia, is composed of guys averaging 19

Behind the scenes of “American Dream” by Switchfoot is a longing to be different. The point is that everyone is society is fighting to have the same image. This image is a purposeless life filled with “success”. Success that does

Try to imagine the energy of a concert, the beauty of orchestral music, the intensity of live action from video games, and a dazzling light show all combined into one live performance. This could prove difficult, until you see “Video

Have you ever wanted to step out of your comfort zone? Want to listen to new music that’s groovy? Well, you should listen to this album. It fun and upbeat with some songs that are emotion and heart-felt. With only

In 1979, the B-52’s debuted on the charts with their hit song “Rock Lobster” from their first record. Ten years and seven albums later, the B-52’s return with their newest LP “Cosmic Thing.” “Cosmic Thing” includes the B’s first Top

An evening of Questions and Answers … and a little music. And that is exactly what it was. The “Piano Man” decided to take a break from his recent two-year River of Dreams tour to sit back, relax, and chat

If you’veever dipped into the old folk-rock recordings of the late’60s, you’ve probably heard of Buffalo Springfield or Crosby,Stills, and Nash. The backbone of both bands was musicianStephen Stills. Stills wrote the protest song, “For WhatIt’s Worth” for Buffalo Springfield

After five years of replaying my beloved Maroon 5’s debut album, “Songs about Jane,” I was much in need of new material from this great band. Their 2007 release, “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long,” is quickly moving up my

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album released on October 27. At first, many of her fans were hesitant to listen to the album because it was completely different from all her other music. I didn’t want to listen to any song on

Nightwish is a special case when it comes to Symphonic bands and for that I shall talk about a band that isn’t too terribly popular in America. Dark Passion Play includes some of my favorite songs ever in metal history.

It’s been four years since Canadian punk-princess Avril Lavigne last released an album and fans have been patiently awaiting new music. Well, the wait is over as of the release of her fourth album ‘Goodbye Lullaby,’ but was it worth

I’m back guys after what feels like forever. I have alot of stuff to cover in the next couple of weeks so buckle down everyone. Also happy, possibly late, Hallowe’en everyone and hope you’ve enjoyed your time on the day

What does it take to make a greatband? Determination, dedicatation and lots of energy. Incubus has all three, asyou can tell by their live show. My entire band made the four-hour trip to anIncubus concert as payment for one of

Admit it. We all loved “Legally Blonde” the movie, but now, it’s a Broadway hit! When I heard “Broadway is going Blonde,” as the many advertisements claimed, I couldn’t hide my excitement. As soon as the soundtrack came out on

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