New Wave Soul Artist Kevin Michael You can’t pin this guy down with one lable. Kevin Michael mixes funk, soul, hip-hop, r, and everything else to make his own sound. Not only is he an amazing singer, he’s got a

Calling All Rock N Rollers : Hinder is the hottest new band to grace stages today! Fronted by the charismatic Austin Winkler , Hinder has propled itself into the adoration of thousands of screaming fans with there hit Lips of

It shouldn’t work, but it really does. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is the Smashing Pumpkins most ambitious and successful album. A double album, it is compared to Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and The Beatles’ The White Album. Billy

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Review of A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. What makes a song classified under true country music? Well Hank Williams Jr knows the answer to that question. In his song A Country Boy Can Survive Hank truly

Veil of Maya is a deathcore or djent band that have only released at least three albums so far. With 2012’s Eclipse being one of the shortest full length albums I have ever heard of, and it isn’t too bad

Led Zeppelin is one of the most influential and is widely regarded as the best rock band of all time. I proudly regard them as the best band of all time, and as the fore fathers to many new groups

YouTube knows her as the girl with the long hair and whispery voice. Only fifteen years old and with the voice of an angel, Jasmine Thompson is best known for her acoustic covers of pop songs. Her debut singer-songwriter EP,

The Art of Drowning, released in 2002, is by no means the most recent effort of Californian rock quartet AFI, but it is most definitely one of their finest. AFI, or A Fire Inside, unquestionably lives up to their name

Recently, MCA Record Company reissued four Jimi Hendrix studio albums: “Are You Experienced?,” ” Axis: Bold As Love,” “Electric Ladyland” and “The Ultimate Experience,” which is a compilation of Jimi Hendrix’s best songs. These compact discs are available in a

This self-titled album is a highly anticipated album made by metal’s Avenged Sevenfold. The combination of emotional lyrics with talented musicians makes the album a must-have. Any guitar shredder would love this album because of talented lead guitarist, Synyster Gates.

On a Saturday night in February, Diamond Rio came onto the performance stage of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to deliver their concert. It started out like all other concerts: the band came onstage and started to play their

The Shawn Colvin concert in March at the Capitol Center in Concord, New Hampshire was packed. This was her first performance after winning two Grammies (record and song of the year for “Sunny Came Home”). Ana Egge, from Austin, Texas

Picture this: twin brothers, Benji and Joel – inspired bythe Beastie Boys’ “Ill Communications” tour – recruit three high schoolbuddies, and are soon playing local radio shows in the D.C. area. A 13-trackself-titled LP and a sold-out East Coast tour

Mike Jones is so remarkable that I was captivated by “Who is Mike Jones?” This disk shows his creativity as he utilizes the remarks of those who doubted him and turns his name into gold. The intro asks the question

The Quilt Gym Class Heroes **** If OutKast’s “Aquemini” album made hip-hop sound funny in the 90s, Gym Class Heroes’ “The Quilt” completely made the same effect in 2008. When I first heard “Cupid’s Chokehold” I almost screamed out “Ewww!”

Eminem has released his ninth studio album after four years at the time of writing this; in this album Eminem talks about how his fame has affected him in good and positive ways. He talks about his ex wife, his

It was back in September 2009, just days after his wisdom teeth removal, when David Archuleta headed to Nashville to start the writing process for his second pop album. Now, over a year later, the new music has finally been

After their beginnings in the 1970’s and their successful days of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, by 1999 Los Tigres del Norte didn’t need to prove or show to anyone that they are Los Jefes de Jefes (The Chiefs of

The booming, detonating lead track, “Radioactive,” comes to represent everything from Imagine Dragons’ Continued Silence EP. Released in 2012 after a string of earlier works, the EP carves into the soul with a heavy rock attitude, and like the cover

You turn off the radio, tired of all the boring, cliche, mainstream songs. Annoyed, you search Google for “better pop music.” The results have one group in common: Disclosure. This UK group of brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, have smooth

The powerful voices of Latin chanters bending the air at their command create an intro that sends shivers down the spines of the audience. The song Requiem is the fifth track on Avenged Sevenfold’s sixth album. It delivers a blast

O.N.I.F.C A one hit wonder Wiz Khalifa’s new album ‘’O.N.I.F.C’’ is. O.N.I.F.C. debuted at number 2 on the US Billboard 200. The album sold 148,000 copies in its first week. In its second week the album sold 40,000 more copies

After a two-year hiatus, Boys Like Girls is back with “Crazy World.” This upbeat, pop-rock band creates music that will definitely get you dancing. Their fast-paced music will instantly put you in a good mood. With inspirational lyrics and catchy

“Even though, we get a little crazy/Even though, we get a little loud/Even though, we’re never gonna fake it…” That’s an excerpt from the Jonas Brothers’ famed song “That’s Just the Way We Roll” from their sophomore CD, “Jonas Brothers.”

Making April Runaway World Making April’s debut EP, Runaway World, is an amazing collection of fantastic lyrics, instrumentals and vocals. With a combination of beautiful, softer love songs to upbeat melodies, they use a myriad of instruments including piano and

Confide, a hardcore act originating from Los Angeles, California, has recently made a name for themselves through the use of MySpace and the bands in which they have been touring with. Formed in 2004, they started off with releasing two

Music that holds attention for over 30 years doesn’t always come with an entire album like the Foreigner’s Record from 1982. Great hits still commonly heard on commercials, in movies, and karaoke bars today such as “Feels like the First

You have most likely heard of the band, twenty one pilots (if not, you should definitely check them out), but what you probably do not know about them is that their songs have a lot of meaning hidden behind the

The writing titled “We Will Not Be Shaken,” written by Natalie A., talks about Christian Music. Her writing left me feeling refreshed and content. Natalie A. perfectly describes “We Will Not Be Shaken” by Bethel Music in this article. I

Metallica – “… And Justice For All” Tales of rage and war await you in your nearest music store. Before Metallica rocked MTV with their over-played hit “Enter Sandman,” they introduced their new bass player Jason Newsted, originally from Flotsam

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