INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Study Nowadays, teens can easily listen to music because of the gadgets that are available everywhere. Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and

I have chosen to research this song and video as they are the embodiment of the sub-culture that is the main target audience for the ’emocore’ genre. This song seemingly calls out to those who are sick and tired of

Abstract: This research paper explores the beginning of South Korean Pop music first emerging in the early 1900’s and becoming a global phenomenon. It examines the correlation between lyrical, acoustical values connected to facets of Korean values and cultural influences.

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Good evenig to my teacher,miss khaw and my fellow friends ..My topic for today presentation is KPOP. Korean pop, or Kpop as it is more popularly known as, is a huge hit among Korean and -international students. With Korean music

In the Peter Singer’s article “Famine, Affluence, and Morality,” he discusses the way that people should take moral in their help towards the support of the Bengal famine crisis. Singer states three obligations that would help the Bengal region through

Compares late 19th Cent. composers’ interpretations of Mass for the Dead. The requiem mass is a curious case of a text that has been given hundreds of different musical settings in many different forms from plainsong to polyphonic to orchestral

A serious study of one of the greatest jazz musicians of New Orleans, Sidney Bechet. This paper explores the life and works of Sidney Bechet, the great soprano saxophonist and one of the most innovative and original clarinetists in jazz.

Examines 19th Cent. German composer as transitional figure between classical & romantic periods. Form, structure, style, musical philosophy, focusing on [Eroica] symphony. Beethoven’s role as a transitional figure between the classical and romantic periods took several forms. In one sense,

An overview of the movie “Amadeus.” A discussion of the movie Amadeus; which was directed by Milos Forman, and released during 1984. This paper shows how the film is an adaptation of Peter Shaffer’s Broadway hit, and is considered as

Evolution of philosopher’s views on composer (from favorable to critical) as symbolic of his critique of modernist German music, art & culture. Nietzsche makes a very critical analysis of the German culture of his time in several of his works,

Examines historical, technical & sociocultural significance of the bipolar siku (panpipe). The purpose of this research is to examine the historical, technical and social significance of the bipolar siku of Peru, particularly as regards the projection of Peruvian panpipe orchestras

This essay discusses three songs, providing historical background and analysis, and relevance. This paper discusses the historical relevance and accuracy in popular music. The research discusses the history, musician, and lyrics from three songs specifically: David Bowie is “Space Oddity”,

Development of blues musical form & use & significance of train symbolism in lyrics, focusing on 1950s song “Night Train.” The purpose of this research is to examine the use of the train as a metaphor in the blues musical

Analysis of Movement I – Allegro of Mozart’s Concerto for Violin & Orchestra No. 3 in G Major, K. 216. This paper analyzes Mozart’s Concerto for Violin & Orchestra No. 3 in G Major, K. 216, Movement I – Allegro.

A look at the history of Indian music and dance. A look at the origins of Indian culture with emphasis on Indian music and dance. The author examines the roots of music and dance from legends, myths and ancient scripts

An analysis of the talents of Peter Gabriel. This paper describes the musician, Peter Gabriel. It outlines his career, starting from his school days and reviews his preferred styles. The writer also offers an analysis of some of Gabriel’s music.

Definition, major composers & works from 1820 to 1890, compared to classicism, styles & forms, innovations, orchestration, opera. Beethoven moved away from such restrictions and conventions of Classicism and some of his symphonies were large, sometimes as big as the

A thorough and in depth examination of the life, works and musical theories of composer Philip Glass. Philip Glass is the world’s finest identified living serious composer owing to vast amounts of American recording contracts. This paper pays tribute to

Effects & rejection of romantic style, form, philosophy by late 19th & early 20th Cent. composers. Major works, impressionism, atonality, innovations. This paper is a study of the consequences of romanticism in Western music. Much of the work of 19th

Discusses the life and career of the African-American soul singer who blended gospel and popular styles. Aretha Franklin did more than any other artist to bring the forms and spirit of African-American gospel music into the popular arena. Franklin possesses

This paper is a very personal, subjective look at a local Vancouver based rock band called Nickelback. The author takes a personal approach by looking at some of their songs from inside and out. “On Alternative radio, a new band

This paper is an essay review of the classical musical movie, Singin’ In The Rain. The author states that the movie Singin’ in the Rain, an all American musical classic, is regarded as the best musical on film. The paper

This paper takes a look at the life and achievements of August Bournonville, the most celebrated Danish choreographer in history. The following paper discusses August Bournonville’s family life, the way in which he got to be the principal for the

An examination of Russian composer Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky’s Fantasy – an adaption of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. The writer of this paper presents five elements that must be analyzed to understand and underline the Romantic nature of this composer’s work.

Analyzes Symphony No. 3 as example of composer’s power, structural innovations, use of scherzo, melody, chords. Beethoven spanned the two eras of Classicism and Romanticism. Classicism was, on one level, a preference for balance, while Romanticism was a rage for

This paper compares Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Minuet for String from his Quintet in D Major to his Minuet No. 6 and gives background information. The author states many music historians believe that Mozart attained his greatest heights as a composer

History & development, materials, types, uses, valves. More than any other musical instrument, the trumpet has gone through centuries of evolution in what it is made of, its design, its tonal range and its uses. The first trumpet, several thousand

Critical review of jazz trumpeter’s autobiography, his views on history of jazz & its importance in Amer. culture. This study will provide a critical analysis of Miles: The Autobiography, focusing on what the author has to say about the history

This paper covers many areas of the band Pink Floyd while discussing the roles of the members of the band. Focus is on Syd Barrett. This paper discusses the band called Pink Floyd. The author looks at the formation of

The following essay examines the definition of an “outsider” and focuses on the “self-induced outsider” with specific reference to Michael Jackson. This paper gains insight into the general public opinion of Michael Jackson according to the black-based media, and then

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