This paper covers many areas of the band Pink Floyd while discussing the roles of the members of the band. Focus is on Syd Barrett. This paper discusses the band called Pink Floyd. The author looks at the formation of

The following essay examines the definition of an “outsider” and focuses on the “self-induced outsider” with specific reference to Michael Jackson. This paper gains insight into the general public opinion of Michael Jackson according to the black-based media, and then

A look at the life and achievements of singer Jimi Hendrix. His musical styles and influences are discussed in detail. This paper provides an in depth study on the life of Jimi Hendrix. His musical styles and influences are discussed

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A study of Brahms’ first and second piano concertos. This paper examines the birth and development of Brahms’ first and second piano concertos. The paper describes the poor reception to the first concerto and Brahms’ subsequent reluctance to compose another

A paper which studies how the organization and utility of our mind affects our experience of music. This essay begins with an introduction to the relationship between the mind and music. Both concepts are highly complex and awe inspiring. They

A review of the autobiography of the Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. This paper discusses the life of the pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Jew who saved himself from being expatriated to a Nazi death camp during the Second World War by

This paper examines how hip hop and in particular rap music gives African Americans on the margins of society a powerful voice to express political discontent. This paper discusses how the musical styles of hip hop and rap create a

Analyzes hip hop & impact of Jamaican culture. Reggae, language, rap, style, social criticism, Rastafarianism, performance, dance, ethnic roots, misogyny & homophobia. The purpose of this research is to examine the Jamaican influences on the origins of hip hop music.

A discussion of the life and works of Jazz musician Charlie Parker and the influence he had in the field. This paper sheds light on important aspects of Charlie Parker’s life and times. It introduces a jazz musician who completely

An interesting look at music through the ages with examples of music from the periods and their composers. In this paper the author looks at the characteristics of different time periods in music starting with Medieval music and cites examples

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