Mindless Behavior: All Around The World Album The Mindless Behavior All Around the World album is an album I recommend for anyone who loves music. Mindless behavior is a good music group and they make really good songs. The all

She’s back, and she’s little more girly and little more grown up. The “Sk8r Boi” singer had returned with yet another incredibly addicting and unique album. While most teenage female singers find their albums invaded and taken over by sappy

This article will tell you about guitar choices, cost, and what is reasonable for what kind of player. The prices are not exact! They are averaged from guitar stores. The information may not be 100% correct (such as prices and

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Day26, the self-titled debut album from the winners of MTV’s hit TV show “Making the Band 4” is awesome! Since I love it so much, let’s go track by track. It starts off with “I’m the Reason,” an up-tempo track

There is a point in every teen girl’s life when she finds herself stuck deep in the mold of “The Average Teenage Girl.” During my young teen years it was a time of Uggs, leggings, and the famous black Northface

Another great CD I have bought is American Idiot by Green Day.It is the first of Green Day’s rock operas about the fictional character the Jesus of Suburbia who runs away.The track list is as follows 1. American Idiot 2.

Van Halen 3 – Album Review Van Halen 3 is probably the most underrated and misunderstood album of the Van Halen series. The entire album had it’s own identity amongst everything else Van Halen has ever created. This was created

I know that it came out a few months ago, but this is an album that should not be missed by any Indie Rock fans. Upon hearing earlier material from the band, I realized that they have reached perfection with

“The White Album.” The Beatles, “The White Album” is really a bizzare collection of songs, most of which I do not care for. There are a number of popular songs; Back in the U.S.S.R., Blackbird and Birthday and then there

For those that have been counting, the wait is over for the new Jack’s Mannequin album. Entitled People & Things, the album contains eleven songs on the regular version and fourteen on the deluxe version. “I love the band because

Kenny Loggins, legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist, has been recording for four decades, but “More Songs from Pooh Corner” outdoes them all. Here, he reveals his passion for life and takes the listener to a place of serenity. With its

Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones was released three months ago, and has soared greatly among the charts. The album is pretty much a literal story through music. New instruments were used for this album and it

If you are a new age music fan, a classical music fan, or even if you just like the sound of orchestral instruments like the piano, violin, and the drums, like me, you will enjoy Yanni’s music. This music is

Let me start off by saying Motley Crue is a hard rock eighties band, big hair, white makeup, the whole bit. They are really, really obscene, always stereotyping girls and anybody who is not like them. Motley Crue’s newest album

Dave MatthewsBand – “Before These Crowded Streets””Before These Crowded Streets,” the Dave Matthews Band’s third studio album, accomplishes what several other “live groups” (such as Phish and Rusted Root) have failed to do: produce an album that blends the energy

“Lyricist Lounge, Volume 2,” though almost ayear old, is still one of the best-selling rap albums out there. Forget the name,this album has many hardcore rappers including Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Q-Tip,Talib Kweli, Notorious B.I.G., and Big L. These rappers

First of all, let me say that I was never a huge fan of My Chemical Romance. Most of their fans are young and worship them like the high-school heartbreakers they are. I’ve even seen MCR live when opening for

Listening to Hole for the first time is like a slap in the face on your first date. Hole has been widely publicized due to frontwoman Courtney Love’s marriage to the late Kurt Cobain. I’d always expected them to hop

Anyone who listens to rap needs this CD and here is why. If these up-and-coming rappers have not reached your eardrums yet, listen up: the CD jumps at you with more great songs than any other. Gang Starr’s new release

I was never into the heavy metal scene until my daysstarted to sour, thanks to a drop in my academic performance. It beganinnocently, when I started to use Napster to acquire MP3’s. My playlist eruptedwith a new genre: alternative. R

The “Pulp Fiction” collector’s edition soundtrack is one of the best ever produced. We’ve all seen or heard of Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 film and can see its influence on pop culture since the movie is quoted constantly as well as

The seventh album from Michael Buble is an incredible work of art. “Christmas,” released in 2011, contains traditional Christmas songs and has been a hit during the holidays ever since. This 15-track CD is full of everything you love about

The hottest pop group today is better than you think. Of course it’s the Jonas Brothers. Their soft-rock is everywhere with 3 albums as a group, the Jonas Brothers are out of this world! Their 3 albums are “It’s About

La Dispute’s 2011 album, Wildlife, depicts a young man’s personal, survival-of-the-fittest-esque struggle as he descends upon a downward spiraling path of self-discovery and learning how to deal with the dark sides of life. The tracks on Wildlife are an assortment

There is a very large controversy over this newly released song by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. There is a line that I understand controversy over it is “if you don’t judge my gold chains …. Ill forget the

After collecting a buzz second to none, Toronto-born rapper Drake has finally released his wildly anticipated debut album, Thank Me Later. From being an actor on Degrassi, a television show aimed at teenagers, to nearing the apex of hip-hop, it’s

A fresh and peppy number, in my arms by kylie minogue is an awesome track. it celebrates the feeling of love, and i find it flawless in every sense. The lyrics are good, the singing is nice and the music

When I saw “BB” I thought that the Jonas Brothers would like to be cooler. You know, that they’re gonna use LOL, OMG and stuff. But then I started listening to this song. And I’ve got to say that it’s

A good number of people think most Christian bands as mainly acoustic songs with a chorus of many people praising God with very happy tunes. Demon Hunter on the other hand is a Christian band but is almost the opposite

You may have heard their songs “An Honest Mistake”,or “Believe”. If you have heard anything off of their previous albums then you know their 80’s punk rock meets modern rock style. They perfect this style even more on “Stir the

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