A fresh and peppy number, in my arms by kylie minogue is an awesome track. it celebrates the feeling of love, and i find it flawless in every sense. The lyrics are good, the singing is nice and the music

When I saw “BB” I thought that the Jonas Brothers would like to be cooler. You know, that they’re gonna use LOL, OMG and stuff. But then I started listening to this song. And I’ve got to say that it’s

A good number of people think most Christian bands as mainly acoustic songs with a chorus of many people praising God with very happy tunes. Demon Hunter on the other hand is a Christian band but is almost the opposite

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You may have heard their songs “An Honest Mistake”,or “Believe”. If you have heard anything off of their previous albums then you know their 80’s punk rock meets modern rock style. They perfect this style even more on “Stir the

Daft Punk: Homework Album Review French house duo Daft Punk, knows how to mess with the dance/house genre in a plethora of strange ways. It’s hard to tell where they get there influences since there music is so original. There

In today’s day and age, it’s hard to find songs that captures the American Spirit. The times of past country cowboy songs have changed hands to today’s Lady Gaga and Kid Cudi. Josh Thompson’s new album steps back in time,

Blessed, she names the unrest that fills her album with bright, brilliant energy. Sara Bareilles’ fourth studio album made big waves in 2013, notably with its crowd-pleasing single “Brave.” Once again, Bareilles demonstrates that she is a triple threat with

I would like to start this review by saying: I do NOT condone any usage of drugs of any kind. You can still enjoy Stoner rock and metal naturally. Now that that’s out of the way, Sleep is a Stoner/doom

Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) are a bit of a sticking point in the world of metal. Some true metalheads growl that they look all emo, balking at anyone whose hair doesn’t hang down to their waists, but the truth is, despite

The album The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance has been considered one of the best rock albums of 2006. The album was written as a concept record, which means the album tells a story with each song. The story

It’s not a secret that Undertale is an amazing game. Even though the graphics aren’t exactly new, it quickly became extremely popular. If you pay a bit more to get the game however, you’ll get the soundtrack. There’s a large

U2 is an Irish rock band that formed in 1976. Their lyrics often have spiritual and personal themes. The Joshua Tree was their fifth album, and it was released in 1987. It was a very popular album, and according to

How many of you were born in the year 2000? Some of you may be born in the 90’s but most can say they were born in the year 2000. Since it was the start of the new millennium everything

Janelle Monae’s third studio album has enough ideas for three concept albums. At turns, Monae examines racism, sexism, and technology. “Dirty Computer” evokes Outkast’s epic double album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” – but not because “Dirty Computer” is a double album,

Wow, have Stone Temple Pilots changed. Forget the unfair remarks about STP’s music merely being “recycled rock.” And definitely forget about the endless Pearl Jam comparisons. Weiland and the boys are back with their new album,”Purple” to free your mind

The celebrity, Rihanna, is twenty years old. She was born in Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20th, 1988 to Ronald and Monica Fenty. She has two younger brothers who are Rorrey and Rajad Fenty. Her real name is Robyn Rihanna

Dixie Chicks again show their amazing talent on”Fly,” a delightful mix of country and zip that you’ll find hard toquit listening to. This is one CD that you can listen to from start to finish andlove every single minute. No

With the release of “Searching for a Former Clarity,” a breath of fresh air is pumped into a suffocating punk rock scene. The band’s third full-length album shows a maturity and composure not seen in many independently produced records. From

When Olly Alexander sang in his shower in 2010, the last thing he expected was to be asked to join a band that would later rise to the top around the world, especially in the UK and Australia. Years and

The sales for Luke Bryan’s new album keeps improving; rating his fourth album number 2 on the charts for music today. Selling more than half a million copies in single week, the man candy country artist has raised to the

“Rock She Said”Rock She Said: Guitars + Attitudes” is a 14-song compilation that beautifully proves that the rock and roll world isn’t completely dominated by males. The album features 14 tracks by fourteen in-your-face female artists and bands from the

This self-titled album is Sonicflood’s 1999 debut, andsince then the band has influenced the world with their Christian music. Thisain’t old-school worship, though! The 12 tracks are sung and played witha passion for God. Many churches and youth groups use

Often referred to as the next U2, the Grammy-winning rock quartet Coldplay just keeps getting better. “X&Y,” the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2002’s “A Rush of Blood to the Head,” delivers a solid 63-minute set with impressive songs that are crisp,

Lana Del Rey has been known for being a sultry songstress in the world of pop music since her first album, Born To Die, and despite the mixed reviews of critics, it is safe to say her lyrics and vintage

I think this should be the best brake up song of the year. I say that because things like that really happen, and its sad to see someone go there that, and experience it as well

Euphoria Enrique Iglesias Released on: July, 05’10 Ninth album by the King of Latin Pop, Enrique Iglesias, singer-songwriter, gets his devoted fans excited and thrilled. This album, Euphoria, released on July, 05th 2010, features 13 songs, 5 of them in

It seems only natural that I review the album that I love more than I love breathing itself. No, this is the album that I must find on vinyl before I die. I cannot receive it as a gift, as

“Burnin’ Up” is Jonas Brothers’ first single from their album “A Little Bit Longer”. I can’t say the lyrics are ambitious but it’s still good. It’s more about growing boys trying to hold theirselves back when they see a beautiful

Opium of the People Slipknot Volume 3 Sublimnal Verses 2005 Roadrunner Records This song should be in everyones song list because of its awsome sound and what the song is actually talking about. first the sound is amazing between the

The song Fear by Pauley Perette was first introduced to me when I started watching NCIS. I could not get it out of my head when I heard it in the background of a season 6 episode. For days, I

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