The Quilt Gym Class Heroes **** If OutKast’s “Aquemini” album made hip-hop sound funny in the 90s, Gym Class Heroes’ “The Quilt” completely made the same effect in 2008. When I first heard “Cupid’s Chokehold” I almost screamed out “Ewww!”

It seems like everywhere you look these days you see something on theTitanic, the ship that sank in 1912 killing more than half on board.There was the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Therewere also endless documentaries, not to

Usually, when people see the word musical, they turn their noses up. This is most often because they are teenagers with no knowledge of Broadway and how exhilarating and amazing it can be. Having seen The Lion King on Broadway,

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When we thought that we were at the peak of this new Titanic frenzy, along comes a musical with such power, emotion, and strength to sweep the Tonys with five awards, including Best Musical, Best Orchestration, Best Book, Best Original

Hamilton: An American Musical, is truly a work of art – a hip-hop masterpiece. Hamilton is about Alexander Hamilton’s life, from the time he was 19 to his fatal duel with Aaron Burr. Feturing a wonderful cast of characters such

“Are you sure you want to drop orchestra for journalism?” My school guidance counselor asks, shooting me a glance. Her computer mouse cursor hovers over a course title: “Symphonic Orchestra.” It’s my sophomore year, and my counselor just informed me

Since birth, I have been addicted to one drug: music- strange arrays of chords and notes that release dopamine inside our brains. I thrive off the Beatles, inject myself with the Beach Boys, and crave intriguing new sounds. This stimulant

“Five minutes until show time” rings through the dressing room speakers; it’s all I can make out. My heart races. My face starts to sweat. What are my lines again? The stage goes black… I turn pale… “Good evening, ladies

AUSTIN, Texas – After a lovely afternoon perusing the vibrant clothing racks of Buffalo Exchange and eating a scrumptious mushroom quiche from Mother’s Cafe & Garden, a vegetarian restaurant, my friend Grace and I took our vegan Chocolate Mocha Torte

In the sixties the hippie culture was predominant, with the long aired youth of white middle class society experimenting with psychedelic drugs and trying to change the world with peace, love, and music. As Cross asserts, London was the capital

Also they have a change from one pattern of note lengths to another, which may be either sudden or gradual. Texture – Classical music is basically homophobic. However, texture is treated as flexibly as rhythm. Pieces shift smoothly or suddenly

To provide an overview of the scope of the genre of rock opera, will briefly discuss some of the most renowned works. It is usually the British rock band The Who that is credited with releasing the first rock opera

Musical genres are categorized by human. It depends on human hearing. There are common characteristics shared by categories. These characteristics are related to instrumentation, rhythmic structure, and harmonic content of the music. Currently many music is still classified by manually.

I was In the first semester of my senior year In high school. It was 1986 and “Walk This Way” was on the airways. I found myself really enjoying this “Rap” song by this group Run-D. M. C.. I would

When faced with the decision of which pop song really stood out to me during my youth and adolescent years, the song “Lose Yourself” by Mine Immediately came across my mind. From listening to this song during soccer game warm

The two concepts that make up a musical theme are unity and variety. These two concepts although very different function together to make up a piece’s theme. Unity gives that feeling of familiarity while variety gives you exactly that, variety.

Fell Ampoule Cut was born on October 1 5,1938 to the family of Reverend Israel Ransoms Cut at Absolute In Gun State, Nigeria. At an early age, he was already exposed to music by playing the Plano even from the

The melody starts with a slow introduction leading to a sat tempo with bright and crisp accents, but still with a lot of warmth In the sound. This piece consists of 9 movements and starts with trumpets, horns, strings and

As Augustine once suggested “Music is the art of measuring well”. “The canon is a list of composers or works that are assigned value and greatness by consensus” 1 However, the canon will always call Into question the nature of

Andy Musical Style and Innovations Beethoven is viewed as a transitional figure between the Classical and Romantic eras of musical history. Above all, his works distinguish themselves from those of any prior composer through his creation of large, extended architectonic

Fascinating both by it’s diverse individual styles and the inevitable fusion of different genres which in turn have created other completely new and unique styles of music. Classical music Is a perfect example. The earliest forms of classical music were

Music throughout History I personally like classical music because my wife used to sing In many competitions, which gave me a whole new appreciation for this type of music. She has sung in many different languages such as Italian, German,

New York: Dover Publications Ferreira, Lawrence (1991). Philosophy and the Analysis of Music. New York: Greenwood Press. Johnston, Ian (1989). Measured Tones. New York: IIOP Publishing. Rowel, Lewis (1983). Thinking About Music. Amherst: The university of Massachusetts Press. “Music is

It was performed by Alden Advertorial (2009). Chopin was a composer In the Romantic period. This is a sad piano piece. Chopin wrote primarily for the piano. The piece range was almost monotone in nature. The sound was in scale

Musical eras and representatives We believe that during the long history of mankind, music frequently played a significant role of our dally life. However, there were only a few fragments of those ancient civilizations music surviving today. So we usually

Wendy Page Music has been changed and impacted dramatically over the years. Four periods of music that have had major impacts Include the Baroque Period, the Classical Period, the Romantic Period and Early 20th century. Each of these four periods

So it is only natural that Western music should also have been affected by religion. Western music, and Its development by composers, has been strongly Influenced by the Christian religion, especially In the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. The music

In the sixties the hippie culture was predominant, with the long haired youth of white idle class society experimenting with psychedelic drugs and trying to change the world with peace, love, and music. As Cross asserts, London was the capital

Throughout time there have been thousands of composers and millions of pieces of music created by these artists. To list all of these great people would probably take a lifetime to do. So with great pains, I have narrowed my

I Basso continuo* I The bass line that Is filled In by chords by various Instruments even though written for one, I Routinely* I In a fast movement of a concerto, recurring thematic material played at the beginning and repeating

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