A user can either describe the project in minute details, or can build a less-detailed storyboard and spend more effort in actually rendering the project. • The method chosen depends upon the scope of a project, the size and style

This POT GPS receiver providing a solution that high position and speed accuracy performances as well as high sensitivity and tracking capabilities in urban conditions &provides standard NMEA0183 strings in raw mode for any microcontroller. The module provides current time,

In addition, GPS is the backbone for modernizing the global air traffic system. CASE STUDY done by Dr ROULA MICHAELIDES, Dr ZENON MICHAELIDES and Dr DIMITRIOS NICOLAOU named “OPTIMISATION OF LOGISTICS OPERATIONS USING GPS TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS” presented focuses on development

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Heeding the flightpaths of birds was just one of numerous haven-finding methods employed by the Polynesians, whose navigational feats arguably have never been surpassed. The Polynesians traveled over thousands of miles of trackless ocean to people remote islands throughout the

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