What is senile dementia? Senile dementia is the mental deterioration (loss of intellectual ability) that is associated with old age. Two major types of senile dementia are identified: those due to generalized atrophy (Alzheimer type) and those due to vascular

Technology in Health and Human Services Telemedicine and Teleneurology In today’s world where people cannot even cope up with our own work, diseases play a significant role and are part and parcel of our lives. Every-time a disease bigger or

Hydrocephalus is derived from the Greek word –hydro which means water, and cephalus meaning head. Hydrocephalus is also known as water head baby, which is water on the brain. Hydrocephalus is medical condition that 1 out of 500 babies are

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The world can be perceived in many different ways. The blind, the deaf, children, adults, teenagers, parents, all “see” the world in a different way. It is an author’s job to convey how he “sees” the world to his readers.

As of now, 33 deceased NFL players have been confirmed to have had CTE before their death (Breslow, 2013). Literature Review CTE is characterized by a few neurological and physiological abnormalities in the brain, one of the main symptoms is

The phonological loop (PL) too has a limited capacity and is what deals with auditory information; it is split into two further parts, the phonological store which holds the words you hear, and the articulatory process which is for the

When you think about Artificial Intelligence what thought first comes to mind. Robots maybe, would we ever think about Brain Chips being implanted into human brains? Sure, but how will Brain Chips plays a major role medically in are world’s

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