Human are the ones putting a huge impact on the carbon cycle. Humans are tearing apart important animal territory. they are tearing down trees and moving plants, in order to add house, expand and make buisneses. Since they are expanding

Ambient temperatures in hot-climate countries are conducive to these anaerobic reactions and expected BOD5 removals for different retention times in treating sewage have been given by Mara (1976) as shown in Table 2. More recently, Gambrill et al. (1986) have suggested

The inclination to ignition is characterized by an empirical parameter, the ignition temperature (i. e. , the lowest temperature, to be determined by test, to which the material has to be heated to for ignition). Depending upon whether or not

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John Bennet Lawes, an English entrepreneur, began to experiment on the effects of various manures on plants growing in pots in 1837, and a year or two later the experiments were extended to crops in the field. One immediate consequence was

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