An analysis of the major components of the Jenny Craig Diet plan. This paper examines the different aspects of Jenny Craig Inc. and its highly successful diet plan in order to determine its overwhelming international success. The paper outlines the

An examination of prevention tactics for reverse insulin effects. An examination of insulin resistance, a metabolic disorder in which the body has impaired ability to properly deal with dietary carbohydrates such as sugars. The author examines the increasing condition worldwide,

An in depth history of the hot dog, and discussion of hot dog related issues. i.e. hot dog to bun ratio conspiracy. Hot Dog! a History This is a research paper written about the history and reputation of the hot

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Dietary needs, deficiencies & disease, fiber, protein, vitamins, melatonin, Radicals Tea. As the population of elderly people rises, and the costs associated with medical care rise, the role nutrition plays in remaining healthy as a person ages is being shown

This paper details through the ages how chocolate has been used in many cultures. It also theorizes on modern day medicinal uses. ” Chocolate is eaten all around the world these days, and regarded as quite a delicacy. However, current

A presentation of the importance of a healthy diet during pregnancy. This paper presents a detailed discussion about the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy. The writer includes an interview with a nutritionist as well as discussion about exercise and

A paper which explores the physical and spiritual benefits of walking. The paper discusses the benefits of walking for pleasure. It discusses the various health advantages such as the rise in endorphins to counter depression, the lowering of stress levels

This paper discusses the changes in the field of genetic food engineering. This paper examines how technological advances have changed the field of genetic engineering, with special emphasis placed on the field of food. The author gives a brief history

Effects of non-meat diet on cholesterol, fat, nutrients, vitamins and overall health. Includes tables. EFFECTS OF A VEGETARIAN DIET Introduction Vegetarian is a term that was not coined until the mid-1800s, however the concept dates back to at least the

Need for, objectives (good dietary habits, health), types (school, school-home) & effectiveness. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to present a brief review of the current literature on nutrition education during early childhood. The literature is reviewed in three

An examination of the basics of good nutrition and its health benefits. A definition of nutrition is provided and an examination of the factors which influence healthy eating and good nutrition. The paper also looks at the different food elements

This paper explores the use of the substance MSG in food. This paper discusses the controversial use of MSG that began in the 1970s, and takes a philosophical approach as to whether or not it’s use is ethical. From the

An in-depth controversial paper comparing and contrasting the positives and negative effects of creatine. This paper talks about the supplement, Creatine which is now one of the most popular supplements on the market. It discusses what it is and what

The following essay examines the etiology of eating disorders focusing on the psychological and social causes. This paper discusses eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, looking at the death rate as well as the characteristics of the disease.

This essay looks at orthorexia, an eating disorder where eating too healthy becomes unhealthy. This essay discusses the eating disorder orthorexia. The author defines orthorexia as the fixation on eating too healthy. The paper discusses what orthorexia is, its hidden

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