We had to undergo summer training in the corporate sector for hands on experience, where we get an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained during the entire first year. Hence, the organizational study was conducted at Shekar Agencies,

What is lauric oil? And what are its applications? Lauric oil is the common name of coconut oil and palm kernel oil, both are derived from species of palms and are distinguished from other fats by their high content of

To be a leading multinational Exploration and Production Company”. Mission: Mission of OGDCL is “To become the leading provider of oil and gas to the country by increasing exploration and production both domestically and internationally, utilizing all options including strategic

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The benefits of the soap go far beyond its basic purpose. Lavender is a plant that has long been used for a number of medical purposes. Lavender soap is a wonderful way to wash away the day. With its soft

Anyone who has walked through a forest or who enjoys the variety of fragrances that flowers have to offer knows that many plants and trees have their own distinctively pleasant odors. These odors are due to the volatile essential oils,

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