Olympic Games

Country of Origin (COO) scholars have argued that creating a positive country image s Just as important as other marketing strategies. This is because country image plays an important role in international public relations and marketing (Chung, Wan Woo, 2011,

Psychological skills training (PST) can be used for a number of different purposes whether related to sports, exercise, or just plain psychological counseling of one’s self. Depending upon your desired outcome from a PST program your script may help with

Ambush Marketing is one of the most debated and controversial topics in the marketing arena. A clear definition as to what exactly constitutes the “Ambush” factor in marketing is still under discussion across various forums around the world. It is

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Aim: To identify the issues that the hospitality industry may be faced with post Olympics 2012 and to recommend strategies to overcome the reduction in the business to hospitality organisations. Objectives: 1. To study the opportunities in the hospitality industry during Olympic

I will be discussing sports has a whole industry rather than specifying one particular sport or event, taking the main issues and explaining both sides. Drug testing in sports is very common now. In most professional and some amateur sports

Ben met his coach Charlie Francis at the Scarborough Optimists track and field club. Charlie was also a Canadian 100 metre sprint champion himself and a member of the Canadian 1972 Summer Olympics Team. Charlie was also Canada’s national sprint

And finally, 2018 winter Olympic is planned to be located in small region of Korea, Pyeongchang. 2018 winter Olympic Games will be the 4th international sports event of Korea. Korea has opened Seoul summer Olympic Games in 1988, Korea and

The outcomes discussed deal with the positive and negative side; with effect to the tourism in United Kingdom (UK). The scope of this paper first covers the description of London Olympics; followed by the event experiences, outcomes, sustainability and lastly

Introduction Sport is seen as the most desirable element of television viewing. It has played a significant role in the growth of television, especially during its emergence as a global technological innovation in the 1960s (Whannel, 2009:201). It can be

The Olympic Games is a sporting event that attracts worldwide attention. People travel from different parts of the world to participate in the Games, or to watch and support. Countries that are hosting the Games have to prepare to welcome

In 1995, Carrefour entered China, with its first store opening in Beijing. By June 2006 the company was operating 73 hypermarkets in 29 Chinese cities and it was the number one foreign retailer in China having the fastest growing rate

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