Introduction: Pakistan is home to a number of endangered species, including the woolly flying squirrel, markhor, blue whale, Pakistan sand cat, the ibex wild goat, and several species of birds, whales and turtles. Certain mammals which could be found in

Cultural Explanation Culture is a term used by social scientists for a people’s whole way of life. A people’s culture consists of all the ideas, objects, and ways of doing things created by the group. Culture includes arts, beliefs, languages,

Man is a social animal. He is afraid of living alone. He is bound up in a thousand ways with the people around him. He lives with others in a society. It is but natural that he loves the place

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The horrific moment a Taliban gunman boarded a packed school bus and shot a teenage education activist twice at point blank range has been relived by her devastated friend. Malala Yousafzai, 14, was critically injured after being shot while travelling

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah- My Hero in History NO Pakistani can study the character and career of Muhammad Ali Jinnah without being carried away by sentimental emotions. We are always inclined to idealize that which we love, —

In August 2008, National Security Advisor M K Narayanan has said that there are as many as 800 terrorist cells operating in the country. [2] India has been accused by the Government of Pakistan of funding, supporting and arming designated

Holy Shrines in Khairpur Posted on January 11, 2012 [pic] Khairpur is the twelfth largest city in the province of Sindh in southeast Pakistan. It was founded in 1783 by Mir Sohrab Khan, who established the Khairpur branch of the

The movement gained momentum during the 1960s, and amid consistent political disorder, the government ordered a military operation into the region in 1973, assisted by Iran, and inflicted heavy casualties on the separatists. The movement was largely quelled after the

Tek Singh is a satire on partition and its repercussions. The narration is reliable but not omniscient as the narrator is unaware of the motives and unspoken thoughts of various characters in the story. The story is set up in

After the announcement of 6 points by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1966, the then Bhashani NAP, pro-China Communist groups and Chhatra Union (Menon Group) were the first to articulate their reaction. They claimed that the 6 points were in fact

Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Hence injustice with one individual of a society can affect the life of other individuals of the society. Before we make society understand the need of justice in this essay lets first talk

Author. Pervez Musharraf 3. Chapters 22 4. Pages 237 5. Price. Not Known 6. Year of Pub 2006 Introduction 7. With the publication of his memoir, In the Line of Fire, Pervez Musharraf has virtually launched his campaign for the

Although several studies have been undertaken to analyze the madrasa curriculum and its impact on the students, the role and attitudes of madrasa teachers, and the challenges they face, have largely been neglected. This paper is based on interviews and

Thus Bangladesh plunged into a gory war seeking its own birth. Independence Day is commonly associated with parades, fairs, concerts, ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, and traditions of Bangladesh including the paying of respects

Politically, religious fundamentalism, sectarian violence, ethnic differences, terrorism and regional economic disparities have made country unstable which contributed toward the unsatisfactory economic condition. It is usually believed that economy grows in presence of political solidity but in the case of

James Gamble apprenticed himself to a soap maker. The two might never have met had they not married sisters, Olivia and Elizabeth Norris, whose father convinced his new sons-in-law to become business partners. In 1837, as a result of Alexander

Date: 18. 05. 2013 CHEMISTRY PAPER – II Max. Marks: 17 9:30 a. m. to 9:50 a. m. (Science Pre-Engineering & Pre-Medical Groups) Time: 20 minutes SECTION ‘A’ (MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS) – (M. C. Qs. ) NOTE: i) This section

University of Engineering Sciecne, & Technology, Nawabshah Student Attendance Monitoring Cell Attendance of current session till 23 April 2013 No. QUEST/NH/SAMC/43 Dated:26-04-2013 Batch: 10ES 7th Term

Mr. Najmuz zaman Principal, Quaid-e-Azam Divisional Public school Gujranwala SUBJECT: “Permission for Jinnah Stadium, Gujranwala” Respected sir, JZT (Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia) is a volunteers’ society working for the eradication of Thalassemia from Pakistan, in collaboration with Fatimid Foundation; being

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. ” Franklin D. Roosevelt According to my opinion definition

Many civil conflicts around the world have been ended politically. For example, the civil war in Cambodia ended when powerful members of the communist guerilla group, the Khmer Rouge, joined the official government of Cambodia. Likewise, the sectarian war in

The Reluctant Fundamentalist follows the journey of a young Pakistani man and his journey after moving to America in search of the American dream. Changez is in a minority group when moving to America and is a clear outsider however

?23 March Pakistan day is a national day for Pakistan. This day is been observed as a national day all over Pakistan. It is also know by the name of Pakistan Resolution Day Republic Day. As we all know that

Ans. Pakistan economy is growing steadily. This growth demands higher energy utilization and accordingly putting high pressure on countries economy. Pakistan mainly depends upon oil and gas resources to fulfill energy necessities. Native resources of Oil are not enough to

Project Report On Kentucky Fried Chicken From Supervised by : Prof. Dr. Zain Yousafzai Submitted by : Siawoosh Wared ( BBA Hons ) Registration # 1711-306055 ( BBA 11th ) Preston University Peshawar Session 2006 – 2010 Project Report Marketing

?The collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing or person is definitively recognizable or known is their identity. A person’s behavior, his/her background, the inevitable bits and pieces of his/her nature and history sown together make

Introduction ROZEE. PK’s latest survey, aimed at finding problems faced by the employed citizens of Pakistan due to load shedding, was initiated on 4th July 2012 and ended on 10th July, 2012. More than 3000 respondents hailing from 193 cities

From the of beginning Posts & Telegraph Department in 1947 and establishment of Pakistan Telephone & Telegraph Department in 1962, PTCL has been a major player in telecommunication in Pakistan. Despite having established a network of enormous size, PTCL workings

Pakistan is a developing country and a sovereign, Islamic republic as well as an Islamic democracy with a mixture of both Islamic and colonial secular laws. The Constitution of Pakistan provides for fundamental rights, which include freedom of speech, freedom

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