Cardiogenic shock is characterized by the heart’s acute inability to deliver the amount of oxygen that the peripheral tissues and organs demand. [DCCN 2008] Patho psychology of Cardiogenic Shock When a critical mass of ventricular myocardium becomes ischemic or necrotic,

Nathan & Delhanty (2005, p. 42) maintains that these complications may be present at the time of diabetes mellitus diagnosis and refer to diabetes as a ‘silent killer” as diabetes can go unnoticed until a major health event occurs. Diabetes

African-American man with primary hypertension and diabetes mellitus. He is currently taking an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor and following a salt-restricted weight loss diet. He is about 30 pounds over his ideal weight. At his clinic visit his blood pressure

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Liver disease related to alcohol consumption fits into one of three categories: fatty liver (Steatosis), alcoholic hepatitis (Steatohepatitis), and alcoholic cirrhosis. Alcoholic fatty liver is a condition that can develop within days of excessive alcohol consumption. Typically there are no

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