My iPod has been on repeat for the last month now. This album is just so good. So good, I listened to it in the car on my typical road trip with the family all the way from California to

I am a naturally neat, organized, and meticulous person. I enjoy sorting my books and make up into different containers and shelves according to size, color and type. The beginning of school is one of my favorite times of year

I cringe as I type definitions like, “An exemplification of supreme excellence” (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) or “A special feature or quality that confers superiority” (Roget’s II The New Thesaurus). When asked to define me in one word, why did my

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Perfection can never be achieved; however the endless pursuit of perfection is what makes an artist excellent. This is what Grandmaster Soonho Song has been telling me since I was five years old. I had just started kindergarten when my

Sooner or later everyone fails at something. An employee at a high-tech corporation misses a meeting and feels like the world is crashing down on him when all of his co-workers are ahead of the game. An “A” average student

When I was little, I played with Barbie dolls like a lot of other girls my age. I wondered why she was so popular, though, why every little girl wanted one so badly. Now at seventeen, I have come to

Have no fear of perfection-you’ll never reach it. The first time I heard read this quote I found it embracing. I was a small child at the age of 9 and I felt like I now had an excuse. Perfection

Perfection happens when you are flawless, like a perfect score on a test. Perfection can also be the sound of your baby’s first cry. Sometimes being perfect is the friend that is there when you need them. Sometimes you fit

Trying to achieve moral perfection, he creates a chart listing thirteen names of virtues and their precepts as a guideline for his self-examination (Franklin, 135). He Though I believe Franklins Intentions were of good gesture, the plan he devised was

Moral Perfection: Tranquility What is Moral Perfection? I believe that Moral Perfection is to live your life without committing any fault at any time and always be committed to do the right thing. Benjamin Franklin, a wise man and one

Attaining Moral Perfection Besides . Martin Luther King’s, “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Benjamin Franklins autobiography is one of the best pieces of literature I have ever read. I now understand why this book is viewed with great importance. I truly

Striving for Perfection The yearbook is a beautiful way of capturing the high school experiences all in one. However long ago it may have been, a yearbook lasts a lifetime. It is what is used to look back on from

The American Obsession with Bodily Perfection America is a growing and changing nation, but one characteristic has outlasted the years. The obsession for a socially-accepted body, whether it be wearing a corset, being big and voluptuous or, for men, being

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