Thus a meaningful language unit phonetically may be considered from the point of view of syllable formation and syllable division. The syllable is a complicated phenomenon and like a phoneme it can be studied on four levels – articulatory, acoustic,

English like any other language, like every language, is subject to variation. This variation can be complex and at times subtle. This text provides us with information about the principal ways in which British and Irish English speech varies and,

It may also interest students of phonetics and English teachers. Who made it? The Pronunciation Studio speech school in London created and recorded the course. We are a group of professional phoneticians, actors and English teachers who specialise in accent

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A. Error correction Each of the exchanges below contains a mistake. In each case: i) write the corrected version in the space provided ii) clarify your correction in simple English to explain the mistake Example Mr. Smith: “Do you have

American and British English pronunciation differences From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Comparison of American and British English| American English British English| Computing| Keyboards| Orthography| Spelling| Speech| Accent Pronunciation| Vocabulary| American words not widely used in BritainBritish

Phoneticians divide syllables into strong (heavy) and weak (light). A strong syllable contains a long vowel or a diphthong or a short vowel plus two consonants; syllables with a short vowel and no coda are weak ones. Only strong syllables

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