Bang-Bang! I heard two shots go off in the distance and my heart skipped a beat. Even though I had been expecting the ear piercing sound, I still jumped when the bullets exploded from the pistol barrel. The police officer

The waves thunder into shore. Seagulls banter in the sand. But I lay with my book in hand, watching as the sun sinks below the horizon. Tranquility is a pleasant change from my life’s chaos. I let my thoughts drift

The bedroom with two twin size beds, in an L shaped formation, was my security blanket. The stuffed animals were aligned on a white shelf, and Barbie dolls were shoved in a toy chest by the closet. The drawers were

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As I walked into my childhood house in Deer Park I was looking around at what once used to be my home. All these memories came floating around me. I thought to myself what my life would be like if

3rd Place… Next stop: Orlando International Airport. This is the day I’ve been waiting for patiently for nine months, and it was finally here. 28 heads on the bus anxiously ready for the weekend of their lives. I’ve never felt

A poorly painted, black stage has fostered my growth, not only as a performer, but also as a person. On that stage, I know where every small crack or ridge is, I know the best way to pirouette on the

Virgo’s are meant to be earth signs. I’ve read it on every quasi astrological website, every monthly horoscope: I’m supposed to feel some connection to the dirt beneath my feet. Maybe because I’m named after the moon or, maybe because

Most people would find my idea of a “happy place” to be downright horrifying. Many individuals feel content at a beach, mountain, or in the comfort of their own home. However, the one place that makes me feel most content

A Safe Haven lingers in the outskirts of the digital world, and makes me feel whole. is more than a blogging site. It’s the original chameleon of the Internet being anything you ever wanted, and so much more. A

To my knowledge, competition is reared early in children. Although competition can be healthy as it spurs innovation and provides motivation for people to better themselves, it can also produce narrow minded adults. Through competition in academics, sports, tournaments, and

When I was in grade school my parents were always at work until late at night. They really couldn’t afford a babysitter, so I always had to find a place to hang our after school. My favorite place to go

It was February 8, 2013. I remember this day because there was a blizzard. It was cold and foggy. Despite this, I decided to visit my hometown, Ridgewood. The streets were empty, gray concrete and it was about 4pm. It

The best place to lose myself is in music. Sure, music isn’t a location. But it might as well be. Music expresses everything from shock, to love, to anger. That’s one of the reasons I love to get so lost

There are freshness and light coolness in the air. The ray of the sun is trying to force its way through the trunks of the trees, giving an opportunity to this wonderful place to shine. Bee is choosing the right

“In my mind I can still hear that piercing voice plead, ‘Why won’t they play with me, why won’t they play with me?’!” My drowsy eyes, drooping down at the plate of pancakes and sausages before me, immediately rose; the

As I walked into my old childhood house in Deer Park, all these memories came floating around me. I thought to myself what my life would be like if I was still living there. My Mom knew how scared I

The sun rises at 5:30 over the San Bernardino Mountains. The sky shifts from total darkness, to an array of pinks and oranges, to a final stage of staggering blue. The sky shines as a backlight on the rolling hills

As far back as I can remember I have had a pretty interesting life. Things have come and gone and the wind has blown in unpredictable directions. I can say that my life has often transformed through intense, painful and

In any business organization, human resources are one of the most important assets (Ahmad, 2015). In order for any organization to be successful, human resource needs to be managed properly (Fulmer and Ployhart, 2014). The safe and security of employees

Energetic yet calming, shapeless yet concrete, inanimate yet lively, water is a dynamic substance with many uses, most importantly for the sustenance of life. This may be true, but water exists as an essential in my life for reasons that

Throughout this assignment I will be describing the existing security features in place in custodial care and explaining why we need them.There are three different types of security in custodial care, these are: Physical, Dynamic and procedural.Physical: these are the

In some ways religion doesn’t have a place in 21st century Britain. I think this because it is very Outdated in 21st Century activities, for example cohabitation and sex outside marriage this in most religions is seen as unacceptable and

Definition: Employee satisfaction is the terminology used to describe whether employees are happy and contented and fulfilling their desires and needs at work. Many measures purport that employee satisfaction is a factor in employee motivation, employee goal achievement, and positive

Introduction Have you ever been treated or looked at differently because of your race, gender, religion, social rank or any other attribute? If you did, then you must have experienced one type of discrimination. So, what do we mean by

A Small Place is written by a woman named Jamaica Candid. She’s considered by some as being the most important Western Indian woman writer. In this book, Jamaica gives the reader a tourism journey into her native Antigen, to argue

My nephew has a disease called hemophilia, and conquers it every day. It Sis rare disease most people have no Idea exists. With this disease he Is In and out of the hospital very often, but he definitely never lets

My Favorite Place My Favorite place Is In Sedona, Arizona, and It’s called Slide Rock. The park is named after the famous Slide Rock, a stretch of slippery creek bottom adjacent to the homestead. Visitors may slide down a slick

Well today, I’m going to inform you about four different type of management styles; democratic, autocratic, paternalistic, and laissez-fairer. Also, I am going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each management style. Main point 1: Democratic Management Style A.

There are so many beautiful and amazing places I have visited in my lifetime; however my home patio has a very special meaning to me. My patio is filled with lots of love and relaxation. I seem to get a

There are lots of difficulties that can occur when communicating whether it be with an individual or in a group situation.Poor communication: this can cause conflict among people maybe because information has not been passed on correctly or because of

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