The sun rarely shines in Belgium, so when I was younger, I learned to play in the rain. My parents would caution me of the consequences of running barefoot in torrential rains, but as a rebellious youngster, I laughed it

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs caused by an infection. It is also called Pneumonitis or Bronchopneumonia. Pneumonia can be a serious threat to our health. Although pneumonia is a special concern for older adults and those with chronic

A Silent Killer Abstract This paper explores Pneumonia and the respiratory disease process associated with bacterial and viral pathogens most commonly located in the lung. The paper examines the process, symptoms and treatments most commonly viewed in patient cases of

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Most common type of pneumonia is bacterial pneumonia & community-acquired pneumonia Introduction of Pneumonia * Caused by: inhaling germs & chemicals * Bacteria, Viruses, Fungui * Healthy people are able to fight off infections. * Sick people or those with

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