Aristotelian philosophy teaches that knowing material reality can be achieved by properly Identifying the essential traits of things and distinguishing things from other things by forming classification schemes based on those traits. The theory’s great power is that it canproduce

The Flaw By Phanit Asavanamaung 10B Stories are told in many styles, through different medias; all which are to entertain or educate its audience. Christopher Booker, the author of the book ‘The Seven Basic Plots’, introduces the idea of the

The Lakers ended up winning the championship and Magic was named the MVP of the finals. He continued to play at a high level for years. His success went to head and was a little to free spirited, representing his

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Antigone is an ancient Greek tragedy, in which, Creon is the tragic hero. A comparison of Creon’s two famous speeches, the state of the union address and his closing remarks, show the shift in tone from unfolding and prideful to

Tragic Heroes over the Course of History in Literature In the works Oedipus by: Sophocles, Macbeth by: William Shakespeare, and The Natural by: Bernard Malamud, the main protagonists, Oedipus, Macbeth, and Roy Hobbes, all find themselves in the unfortunate situation

A tragic hero is one that has a major flaw and for whom the audience usually feels pity, sympathy, empathy, and compassion. The tragic hero is someone great, but not perfect. They are often a noble person in terms of

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