Love is perhaps the most expressed topic in media, since forever. The word ‘love’ is extremely ambiguous, able to be expressed in multiple ways. Love is often described as a double edged sword. It can mean all there is to

Andrew Marvell was a famous Metaphysical Poet. Marvell lived from 1621 to 1678 and made a few accomplishments, his poem has unique style and theme for his time, and his poem contains a deep analysis. He wrote several love poems;

The Vacuum by Howard Nemerov talks about a widower and his late wife, and how he uses the vacuum as a symbol for her death. The poem expresses deep sorrow and sadness that derive from the loneliness of the speaker,

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Ruby Brown, a poem written by Langston Hughes is describing a black woman that faced both racism and sexism in her life. Like in most of his work, Langston Hughes uses motifs of color and white. Hughes characterizes Ruby in

‘The shadow of death hangs over all of Auden’s poems’. Do you agree with this assessment of Auden’s poetry. I agree with the assessment that the shadow of death hangs over all of Auden’s poems- this is because although not

“The Passionate Shepherd to His love” by, Christopher Marlowe and “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd” by, Sir Walter Raleigh are both pastoral poems that tend to basic human desires in a simplified country life of beauty, music, and love.

____ Wordsworth and Keats both belongs to Romantic age and both are the shining stars on the horizons of poetry. Both mark their names in the history of English literature through their work. ___John Keats and William Wordsworth believe in

About the poem – The poem was anthologized in Collected Poems (1952 – 1988). It is one of the first poems of Ezekiel and presents a scary picture of the superstition ridden India where an insect is given monstrous dimensions.

In Hesiod’s piece, “The Works and Days”, Hesiod addresses his brother Perses about how to be a good and virtuous man. Hesiod calls upon Zeus to direct his speech in explaining to Perses how to describe the true way to

The topic of the ruined maid is a dialogue conversation between two women who have met on the off chance in town, one of which has been ruined. Throughout the poem the narrator praises the ruined maid on her appearance

At the start of the poem, the poet uses a list to show the boy’s wide range of skills. This is show in the quote ‘’make sculptures fabulous machines invent games’’. By using the dynamic verbs make and invent we

The two poems “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” written by Dylan Thomas and “Dog’s Death” written by John Updike are very good poems to compare and contrast to each other. They are both about losing someone who

An analysis of several poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay and E. E Cummings to show how each personifies love. By analyzing the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay and E.E. Cummings, the author of this paper shows how each

A study of the open form style of poetry, as seen in the anonymous poem: “What a wonderful bird the frog are,?. This paper examines attention-attracting styles in poetry, primarily open form poetry. It uses the anonymous poem: “What a

A study on the powerful illustrative themes of three poems. This paper demonstrates how poems present themes and how each work achieves the theme of power, love, or war by the use of imagination, which is effectively used to illustrate

A paper which analyzes four poems and shows how relationships with fathers are expressed through these poems. A paper which studies four poems – Lucille Clifton’s Forgiving My Father, Theodore Roethke’s poem “My Father’s Waltz , Raymond Carver’s Photograph of

Analyzes themes, style, sensuality and techniques in six poems. This essay will examine Walt Whitman as an important voice in literature and a uniquely American one. In his preface to Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman outlines a national purpose in

A look at the writing of poetry as a way of turning pain into peace and hope. This essay looks at people who have turned trauma and pain into a positive experience. It discusses the work of Mairead Corrigan Maguire

A detailed discussion of significant parts of Neruda’s life, illustrating how his poetry is a reflection of what he has gone through in life. This paper provides information regarding Pablo Neruda’s life as a poet, and determines his major influences

An analysis of two poems written by African-American poets. This paper presents a reflection on African-American poetry. The writer of this paper uses two poems, “Colored Kids at Carnival” by Langston Hughes and “On Being Brought From Africa to America”

A comparison of E. Houseman’s Terence, this is stupid stuff and Archibald MacLeish’s “Ars Poetica” in their analysis of the art of poetry. This paper portrays the works of two poets whose subject matter and deliverance are comparable. The writer

A literary review of the collection of poems The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America by Anne Bradstreet who is thought to be the first genuine poet to develop in the English speaking New World. This paper discusses the

A research paper on the use of pastoral convention in poetry. This paper on the pastoral convention in poetry describes the historical roots of the convention and its development. It shows that pastoral poetry is more than a mere convention

This paper discusses contemporary trends of modern poetry, giving examples of Michael Wigglesworth and Anne Bradstreet’s works. This paper provides a look at trends in poetry today. It focuses on two British poets, Michael Wigglesworth and Anne Bradstreet giving examples

Poet’s uses of irony to critique society, politics, religion & self in Cantos 80 & 81. Of the great modernist poets, Ezra Pound stands apart as the most elliptical. His omnivorous learning, obscure allusions and frequent obtuseness make much of

Analyzes poem’s romantic view of human nature & imaginative living. This study will analyze the romantic view of human nature as expressed in the excerpt from John Keats’ Sleep and Poetry beginning with the line O for Ten Years and

This paper analyzes and examines “Recuerdo” and “Love is Not at All; It is Not Meat Nor Drink,” two of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s most compelling and well-known poems. The following essay compares Millay’s “Recuerdo” and “Love is Not at

This paper addresses Sylvia Plath’s bizarre life and poetry. Included are sections on her obsession with death, her mother’s estrangement and her turbulent marriage to poet Ted Hughes. The early life of Sylvia Plath was torturous, spent in an unhappy

A look at the life and work of poet, Audre Lorde and how she became a symbol for the Post Modern Poetry Movement. A biography and analysis of the life and work of Audre Lorde. The paper describes the poet’s

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