Reviewing what is already known about a problem situation through the search for related literature and studies is an essential part of the research process. A good review of information will suggest the social, economic, political, cultural and historical aspects

A look at the inner workings of the Black Panther Party. This essay explores the organizational workings of the Black Panther Party. The author examines how the party can improve themselves in order to gain more members and compares and

Critical analysis of work on role of socioeconomics & cultural hierarchies in perception of self & others. The purpose of this research is to examine sociological theories related to Money, Morals, and Manners, by Michele Lamont. The plan of the

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Analzyes biases, injustices, myths, history & reform of system, focusing on welfare mothers & absentee fathers, public opinion, economics and child-rearing. The Paradox of Welfare: Policy in Unresolved Conflict with Gender One fourth of all children in America currently live

Examines the sources of income & wealth inequities both historically & in the contemporary US economy. RICH AND POOR Income Inequality in the United States Introduction The rich get richer, goes the traditional saying, and the poor get poorer. This

A research proposal on the topic of child sexual abuse. This paper discusses sexual molestation of children. It provides a review of pertinent literature and quotes statistics relating to sexual offenders and victims. The paper outlines a proposal for a

History, psychological stresses, assimilation vs. pluralism, language, discrimination, laws and religion. This paper is an examination of the psychological stresses caused by immigration and the resulting discrimination suffered by newcomers at the hands of the resident population. In the United

A discussion about affordable housing and whether the community and the black church should be involved in the issue of affordable housing in the United States. The following paper looks at the issue of affordable housing focusing on programs such

An argumentative paper about technological advancements that cause social inequalities. This is an argumentative paper about the division along socio-economic lines. The author argues that today’s technological advancements continue to drive us apart and further aggravate the problem of social

Examines ideas of Weber, Parsons & Shils & applies them to Western religious alienation from mainstream society. The purpose of this research is to examine the subject of insular-group alienation and isolation from mainstream society, particularly the phenomenon of contemporary

A critical review of this essay on gender. The paper reviews this essay, written by a professional writer, David Osbourne, who also defined himself as a “househusband”. The paper assesses the claim by Osbourne, that his staying at home upset

A description of the welfare reform program instituted in California and its effects on the families and children involved. This paper examines the issues concerning the welfare reform and researches what has already been done and how beneficial it has

The following paper discusses the way in which elderly people are humiliated by the society in which they raised. This three-page paper examines the way elderly people have been depicted in various media. The writer uses songs, television shows, and

This essay discusses how and what the American society should be doing to aid the poor. The following paper critically analyzes different political sectors of the American society with regards to the way in which they perceive the economically disadvantaged.

This is a book review and summary essay on “Cream of the Crop: The Impact of Elite Education on the Decade After College” by Katchadourian and Boli. The following paper examines how the “Cream of the Crop” gives one a

Successes & failures of anti-poverty & welfare programs, demographics, gap between rich & poor, education & employment, future. Despite decades of social welfare programs, the federal government has largely failed in its War on Poverty. The failure of these programs

An analysis of Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center, an agency tied to multiple common and education terms of organizations and groups. The following paper examines intensive case management which is part of a two-tier system. One tier involves intensive

A paper which examines how social structure theories are applied to delinquent behavior in society. The paper discusses how social structure theories attempt to analyze the driving forces that change society and that sociologists who study social change use the

A critical review on this book about leadership. The paper reviews the book which has used extensive interviews to ascertain what the qualities of a good leader are. The book’s main points are summarized in this paper, which speaks of

This paper discusses the issue of transracial adoption. This paper gives explores the issue of transracial adoption in America. It outlines the cultural and family aspects of adoption and more specifically transracial adoption. It points to individual and broad surveys

A review of two books: “The Way We Really Are: Coming to Terms with America’s Changing Families by Stephanie Coontz and All Our Kin: Strategies for Survival in a Black Community by Carol Stack which emphasize the position of the

Evolution of profession & need to balance helping clients & changing society. Theory, impact of social change, casework, accountability, agencies, direct care. Social work practice involves a dual mission: to assist clients and to change society. These two distinctive branches

Explores survival of individual humanity & group identity in three works on minority repression: John Blassingame’s [The Slave Community], Barbara Myerhoff’s [Number Our Days] & Frank Waters’ [The Man Who Killed the Deer]. Rodolfo Byers, the white trader in the

This paper deals with the social factors involved in the existence and deterioration of Bohemia. Introduction The Concept of Bohemia Historical background Analysis on the Bohemian history On the present condition of Bohemia Conclusion “The phenomenon that is Bohemia has

An analysis of three post-WWII American generations. The paper shows that since the end of World War II, the American people have seen an extraordinary change in the economic, social and moral priorities of the nation and its people. It

This paper analyzes four aspects by which people are easily divided into classes – sex, income, race and education. It attempts to show which lessons can be learned from these stereotypes. The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss,

Argues against forced marriage between pregnant teen mother & father & examines alternatives (abortion, adoption). This paper explores the question, Should pregnant teens marry the fathers of their babies? Conservatives argue that the responsibility of pregnancy obligates the parents to

This paper discusses Americans reactions to Third World Immigrants living in their country. The following paper argues that having immigrants in America is very helpful in some ways. The author gives an example that since they are willing to accept

Examines relationship between race (black vs. white), gender (female-headed households) & poverty rates. History since 1960, statistics, unemployment, earnings, welfare. This paper will discuss the disparity in poverty rates between blacks and whites, focusing upon the issue of female-headed households.

An examination of studies performed in this field. This paper presents a detailed examination of women who live in poverty. The writer identifies the most significant independent variable as well as the dependent variable using several sources of research. Variables

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