The concept of Balance of Power is a tenet of Realism that seeks to explain the formation of alliances in international relations. This is done in the context that Realism as a Theory argues that states as actors in the

Discusses the nature of the elite power structure in the US as seen by C. Wright Mills, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Tom Hayden. In 1956, sociologist C. Wright Mills wrote, The Power Elite, in an effort to

A insight into power tools ranging from the largely ordinary (i.e., drills) to the vastly complex (tools used on large-scale construction projects). This paper analyzes and examines the multitude of issues related to power tools. It also discusses statistics regarding

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A political science essay outlining the expansion of suffrage among the U.S. population throughout American history and the effects of a larger and more diverse electorate on voting trends and party control. This paper discusses the history of suffrage in

This paper discusses the role ergonomics play in the design of hand-held power tools. This paper looks at the different factors that need to be addressed when designing hand-held power tools. The author argues that when ergonomic factors are Incorporated

Compares 1997 films’ financing, audience appeal, characters, directorial styles and plots. The average studio film today costs tens of millions of dollars, while the average independent film exists in a range below $10 million. Such expenditures under both headings have

This is a study on the growth of public opinion and political debate in eighteenth century Europe, and the consequences this had for its rulers. This essays charts the emergence of ‘public opinion’ as a political force in Europe, through

This analytical essay explores the relationship between acquiring true power and forgiveness. This paper looks at Shakespeare’s play The Tempest and sets out to prove that Shakespeare believes that true power can only come from forgiveness. Prospero’s transformation from a

Critical review of work on women’s lives, religion, work, education, writings in Middle Ages. A considerable portion of the book is spent discussing various facets of the medieval lady’s life and when the bourgeois and peasants are discussed she often

A review of Graham Greene’s The Power and the Glory with an emphasis on Greene’s relationship with the Catholic Church. “The Power and the Glory” depicts a period in history when the Mexican government sought to distance itself from and

A general criticism of Barrett’s book about Roman leader Gaius Caesars (a.k.a. Caligula). A critical discussion on Caligula – The Corruption of Power written by Anthony Barrett in his attempt to show that this Roman leader was not the bloodthirsty,

Examines economic & political theories related to coercive diplomacy, hierarchy of states & war, focusing on freezing of foreign-owned financial assets as legal & political tactic to settle international disputes. The freezing of foreign-owned financial assets held in depository institutions

This paper compares and contrasts the Renaissance philosophies of Machiavelli, Erasmus and Martin Luther. “These changes would not be confined to Italy alone. Over the next three centuries they would spread northward and influence the entire European continent. These ideas,

This paper examines the evolution of the power of the presidency and the political skills needed to be a successful president. The paper argues that there are two types of politics the president must master, retail and wholesale. Retail politics

An outline of the responsibilities and research of the renewable energy source ESEP group. In addition to describing the roles and each member of the group, the proposal explains the urgency and significance of perfecting non fossil fuel energy sources.

This paper analyzes three philosophers’ theories on the power of knowledge. This paper examines the philosophies of Plato, Nietzsche and Marx, with respect to the relationship between power and knowledge. It discusses the question of who should control knowledge and

A discussion of the book “The Nazi Seizure of Power” by William Sheridan Allen. This paper examines Allen’s book The Nazi Seizure of Power. It discusses the author’s use of the town of Thalburg as a microcosmic example of German

An analysis of Hillary Rodham Clinton’ speech, Women’s Rights are Human Rights. This paper explores the powers of the political speech. It shows how each word is chosen with utmost care and often the politicians words are remembered better than

An insight into the writings and speeches of Malcolm X and Richard Rodriguez regarding the difference they have made to society. This paper examines the writings of these two peace activists who are considered to have had considerable impact on

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