An analysis of the ethics of organized religion and how religions communicate between each other. This paper introduces and discusses the book “Prayer, A Study in the History and Psychology of Religion” by Friedrich Heiler. Specifically, it compares the book

This paper examines the psychological damage and aspects of drug and alcohol abuse. This paper analyzes and examines substance abuse and substance dependence. In Part II, characteristics of substance abuse and substance dependence are addressed. Part III examines the psychiatric

A review of the relevant psychological literature on the topic. This paper examines psychological theory on the development of inferential reasoning skills. The pragmatic view and the natural logic view are discussed. The work of Shaw-Jing and Cheng as well

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The following paper describes mental illnesses according to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). This essay examines the differences and similarities between mood and anxiety disorders. It provides us with definitions and symptoms of

A look at how the literary world has addressed the issue of man’s struggle with personal desire. This paper examines the issue of desire and how man approaches the struggle when individual desires come into conflict with what society judges

Definition, characteristics, diagnosis, treatment alternatives (drugs, family intervention, therapy, community-based). The CDC website which, supposedly covers most diseases, is a confusing array of diseases. But, go to the alphabetic index, try S for Schizophrenia, and find nothing. Try Mental Health

This paper analyzes and examines anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder, including treatments available and recommendations for improving the awareness of these disorders. Anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder are two of the most devastating psychological illnesses. Providing a concise and detailed

An examination of cocaine abuse and addiction. This paper takes a look at cocaine abuse and how it effects the individual. The author looks at what cocaine is composed of, its short-term and long- term effects and how it effects

Presents the different stages and characteristics of love, and gives psychological details of each. This paper looks at recent studies that have been able to unravel several mysteries about the components, phases, and duration of love. The paper shows that

An examination of the difference between a popular press article and several psychological research studies on hardiness. This paper takes a popular press article and compares its contents to four psychological research studies on hardiness in college freshmen. The author

A brief interpretation of dreams and Sigmund Freud’s analysis of why they occur. This paper covers dream interpretation, different types of dreams and why we have them. The author looks at some theories of Sigmund Freud, dream interpretation in different

A first hand account of the author’s attendance at two support groups – Alcoholics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous. The paper explains the goings-on in the meetings of two support groups – Alcoholics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous. The author of the

A paper discussing society’s ability to discern between right and wrong. A discussion of the difference between right and wrong and whether society knows how to discern between the two. The author discusses the case of Jon Venables and Robert

Analyzes Nostradamus’ predictions and theories. This paper presents an argument that the predictions made by Nostradamus were correct. The writer of this paper takes the reader on a journey in which the predictions and their accuracy are explored along with

An analysis of the use of the drug Serzone in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder The paper describes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and explains its causes and how it affects the sufferer. It discusses the current treatments with a

An analysis of the article “Assessing ADHD Across Settings: Contributions of Behavioral Assessment to Categorical Decision Making.” This paper examines the above psychological article and describes the research process in school age children. The paper also challenges the practice of

This paper examines research supporting the hypothesis that boys an girls have different attitudes and reactions toward television violence. The following paper examines the link between gender stereotypes and the difference in attitudes towards television is demonstrated. The history of

Need for, laws, standards, random tests, impact on employees, role of govt., resistance and implementation. Introduction Drunk driving has gained much attention in recent years as groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and others have fought to impose

A paper on the life and times of Sigmund Freud. A paper on the life and times of Sigmund Freud. The author discusses the roots of some of Freud’s theories. Dream interpretation is discussed in some detail. Sigmund Freud was

Compares ideas on human behavior, history, psychology & development of society. Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud have different conceptions of human nature and different conceptions of how history develops from human actions and human nature. Marx considers human beings primarily

A thorough investigation into the various methods of treating alcoholism. The paper covers the different methods used for treating alcoholism. It shows that before beginning any treatment, the alcoholic must pass the critical phase of accepting that he has an

Critical review of work on 6-year-old’s therapy & struggle to find his identity despite damaging parenting. How can a psychologist’s use of play therapy allow a child’s submerged psyche to emerge and begin journeying toward a selfhood capable of expressing

A discussion on the way in which stress is a psychological and physical response to the demands of daily life that exceed a person’s ability to cope successfully. The following paper examines how a mild level of stress and tension

An investigation of theoretical perspectives for social work and mental health practice. A case example is presented, theoretical models are applied, assessment tools are presented, cultural values and key issues are discussed, goals are identified, and an intervention plan is

A look at the powerful influence of the media on children and teenagers. This paper discusses the role of media in sexual conduct, drug abuse and violence among the youth. It examines the television network’s right and duty to censorship

A discussion on the three thinking processes: deductive reasoning, creative thinking or reasoning, and problem solving. This paper uses the movie “Rain Man” to illustrate the concepts of three thinking processes. The writer underscores the mechanics of deductive reasoning, creative

An in depth look at alcohol addiction and possible treatments. This paper examines alcohol addiction as a medical term and as a state that may be termed as a disease and one that can be cured. From this point of

Examines the effects on the surviving spouse (depression, suicide), special problems of the aged, Alzheimer’s, stages of dying and interviews with survivors. DEATH OF A SPOUSE AS A PSYCHOSOCIAL CRISIS WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF ERIKSON’S LIFE CYCLE THEORY Introduction This

A study on child abuse and its affects on the growth of a child into a healthy adult. This paper explores the issues and long lasting results of child abuse to the individual being abused and the society as a

Examines support groups for surviving brothers & sisters. Looks at special needs, techniques, therapy, examples and age factors. Sibling bereavement support groups have formed to help assist bereaved siblings adjust to family losses. The loss of a brother or sister,

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