Summarizes work on techniques of assertiveness training, setting goals, creating social network, sexuality. This paper will analyze the book, Don’t Say Yes When You Want to Say No by authors Herbert Fensterheim, Ph.D, and Jean Baer. The discussion will focus

Types, symptoms, diagnosis, causes, role of parents, traumas, assessment tools, medical & psychological treatments. This research reviews the literature on depression in children and discusses theories, assessment tools, treatment and implications for therapists. Often when a child is depressed the

Demographics, theories on causes, psychoactive aspects, types, diagnosis, socioeconomic issues. A number of people who drink heavily or drink frequently can develop an addiction to alcohol. A person that excessively consumes alcohol is termed an alcoholic and will experience significant

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Covers the importance of play in the development of young children. This paper combines research and theory on a number of relevant topics on children’s play and highlights the implications for practical application in Early Childhood Education focusing on ages

Examination of human memory and how it functions. This paper explains how the human memory works and includes detailed information about the complexity and the exact organs of the brain and how these organs affect memory. Included are the differences

A detailed account of the phenomenon of teenage suicide and how to tackle the situation. A discussion of teenage suicide, its causes and effects. This paper examines aspects that may cause teenage suicide such as depression and stress and the

An analysis of the phenomenon of depression among adolescents. This paper explores the development stages of an adolescent against the backdrop of teen depression. Erickson’s and Piaget’s theory of child development is used to explain the causes of depressive and

Influence of development of scientific methods & discoveries on shaping of theoretical, conceptual & ethical bases of psychology. THE RISE OF EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE AND THE SHAPING OF PSYCHOLOGY Introduction This research explores the influence of the rise of experimental science

Analyzes the thought of Erich Fromm, who examined the psychological problems of freedom and the apparent desire of many individuals to relinquish their autonomy to an external leader or force. Escape From Freedom Introduction The first foreword to this book

A discussion of the theories of emotional intelligence and Goleman’s book of the same name. This paper discusses the book `Emotional Intelligence` by Daniel Goleman. It explores the concept of emotional intelligence through a review of the psychological research dating

This paper evaluates the paranormal phenomena of “people being able to read minds” or as it is more scientific called: “Extra sensory perception” (ESP), “precognition,” “controlled remote viewing” and “anomalous cognition.” This paper states that, to date, parapsychology research has

Purpose of psychoanalysis, basic theories, dream interpretation, focusing on his analysis of a dream of Leonardo da Vinci. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to analyze Sigmund Freud’s discussions of psychological and psycho-analytic method and theory to discover whether

Theory, techniques, types, applications, examples of positive images used to promote healing, relaxation, cognitive restructuring and patient-therapist relationship. GUIDED IMAGERY & PSYCHOTHERAPY USES Introduction Guided imagery is a part of the field of mind/body medicine, defined as using the power

An in-depth analysis of whether trauma in childhood may lead to the development of BPD. This paper includes an extensive literature review of the role of trauma in the development of BPD, along with a clinical case study of a

Examines perpetrator’s predisposition to rape. Types (power, anger, sadistic), biogenetic & psychosocial forces, alcohol, role of perceptions & cognitions. Forcible rapes continue to occur at a rate of 1.3 per minute (Olsen-Rando, 1993). In this regard, approximately 120,000 women are

Diagnostic features (fear, mistrust, powerlessness, impulsivity, unstable self-image), treatment alternatives, childhood trauma, relationship with therapist. Borderline personality disorder is an increasingly common diagnosis amongst American psychiatric patients(1). This paper will cover three specific areas related to BPD: (1) a description

Describes different stages of development that encourage and develop the reading ability in children. This paper provides the reader an overview of a child’s learning process and analyzes the process in which a child encounters when learning how to read.

An analysis of different methods of play therapy and their successes and failures when dealing with children. This paper is a detailed examination of play therapy and its purpose. The writer provides an understanding of what play therapy is and

A discussion of the novel depicting the pain and suffering of schizophrenia. This paper discusses Joanne Greenberg’s semi-autobiographical novel which tackles issues surrounding mental illness. The author’s intentions in writing the novel are outlined, including the importance of the patient’s

A discussion on Piaget’s and Bandura’s child development theories. This paper compares Piaget’s theory of cognitive development to the social learning theory. This paper examines Piaget’s child development theory that mains that children have ability to construct meaningful concepts and

A paper which discusses to what extent one’s personality is influenced by one’s parents in early childhood. The paper discusses how everyone’s identity as an adult is determined by his or her very early childhood. Ones ability to trust, make

This paper examines the physical and psychological affects that stress has on people’s lives. This paper discusses the different ways that an individual’s life can be either positively or negatively affected by stress. The author defines stress as being both

Examining the history, diagnostic criteria, prevalence, types, effect on others, therapy and drugs. A personality disorder is a mental illness in which a person’s perceptions of the world, particularly of people and of social interactions, are altered in a negative

This paper is an examination of psychological studies on the benefits and detriments of working teens. This paper examines and compares three studies on adolescents who work part-time in the United States. The paper seeks to refute the common wisdom

Reviews study of hardships of lives of patients in mental institutions. Sexual Dimorphism Reproductive behaviors such as courting, mating, and parental behavior ensure a species’ survival. Although in animals these activities tend to be either distinctively male or female, humans

This paper details the many ways in which a person can learn how to adapt rationally, emotionally, and to use behavioral tools for personal situations in this discussion of Albert Ellis’ book, A Guide to Rational Living. The author gives

A description of this drug and the disorder it is prescribed for – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This paper looks at the effects and benefits of Adderall. It firsts provides a brief definition of ADHD and examines how this

Examines causes & effects of this obstacle to conditioning as factor in behavioral experimentation with animals & human learning. The apparent influence of informational factors on associative learning has been the focus of much attention by investigators who wished to

This paper deals with a child’s ability to communicate without words. The author traces the development of the child through the first 44 months of life. `The earliest efforts of children to communicate are entirely nonverbal. At the beginning of

A paper which studies learning styles, the right/left hemispheres of the brain and how these affect the higher order visual processing. The human brain is mind boggling when one thinks of all the intimate parts and how they affect learning.

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