This paper looks at stress on the job, accidents that may occur as a result, and means of reducing pressures and increasing productivity. This essay examines mental and physical pressures that workers bear at work. The author discusses how on-the-job

Review of literature on psychology & physiology of clumsiness. Motor skills, feedback, coordination and treatment. CLUMSINESS: A REVIEW OF THE LITERATURE RELATED TO EDUCATION Abstract This research reviewed the literature with educational implications that is related to clumsiness. Clumsiness is

This paper illustrates the various theories of Gordon Allport and how they apply to Denis Rodman’s personality. This paper illustrates the various theories of Gordon Allport and how they apply to Dennis Rodman’s personality. From the paper: “Psychologist Gordon Allport

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This paper provides an in-depth look at the disease anorexia nervosa, and the psychology behind the condition. This paper discusses the condition that plagues thousands of people each year, anorexia nervosa. The author examines which populations frequently deal with the

A discussion of the “Family Systems” theory and its use in multicultural counseling approaches. This paper examines the multicultural counseling approaches used in the application of the family systems theory. Family Systems theory is defined, and three counseling approaches that

This paper is an extensive review of Brief therapy (“Solution-Focused Brief Therapy”), which uses practical strategies to help clients make significant positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time. This paper states that Brief Therapy contrasts

A discussion of the ethics involved in aiding the poor at the expense of others, with reference to Garrett Hardin’s essay entitled Lifeboat Ethics: The Case of the Poor. This paper analyzes Hardin’s essay “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case of the

Examines studies on negative effects of stress on mind & body. Depression, heart problems, anxiety, anger, hormones; treatments. The concept of stress, physiological and psychological, has undergone a gradual change in definition and treatment over the past hundred years. Generally

Definition, psychiatric criteria, antecedents, diagnosis, types of disorders (panic, agoraphobia, obsession-compulsion), case studies, empirical referents.

This paper presents an argument against breast implants for teenagers. This paper discusses breast implants and the risks involved. Social, psychological and health issues are discussed as they relate to teenagers undergoing breast implant surgery. Financial considerations are highlighted as

This paper presents an in depth look at the authoritarian personality types and its defining characteristics. The author examines characteristics such as persuasion, the use of threat, cynicism and obsession with power. Includes details about genetics and environmental influences. “The

A detailed description of the ways that acute head trauma affects the brain. This paper presents a detailed description of the ways that acute head trauma affects the brain. Using the author’s personal experience with a head trauma several factors

A discussion on a study, conducted over the telephone consisting of a 20-minute interview with five participants on the ways in which men and women arrive at decisions about what is morally right and wrong. The following paper examines a

Does the amount a child reads affect his writing ability at high school and college age? This paper is about the affect of reading (both amount and ability) on a child’s development of writing ability. It explains how reading and

Depressive disorder. Discussed in terms of symptoms, causes, medical & psychological treatments and diagnosis. Dysthymia: Medical vs. Psychological Treatments ABSTRACT: Dysthymia has recently been diagnosed as its own unique subdivision of depression. What distinguishes dysthymia from Major Depressive Disorders is

A paper which questions whether stress affects the memory of both genders equally. The paper describes the chemical process of the brain whereby memory is affected by stress. It discusses several experiments which were carried out to determine whether stress

Incidence, problems with data, schizophrenia, use & types of student mental health programs. SCHIZOPHRENIA AND THE COLLEGE STUDENT Introduction The American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV, 1994) states that a diagnosis of schizophrenia is appropriate when a person suffers from delusions, auditory

This paper examines the long-term effects of divorce on adults, children and families. The following paper critically analyzes whether divorce is a devastating act that reverberates down the decades, inflicting permanent harm on adults and children or whether it is

Examines psychologist’s personality theory & applies it to parent education programs & research into disruptive behavior. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine current applications of Alfred Adler’s personality theory to child-behavior and child-rearing practices. To provide context,

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