Effects of drug use on mother & fetus, user profile, physical & behavioral impact and home nursing intervention. COCAINE & THE UNBORN BABY Introduction This research discusses cocaine use during pregnancy. High rates of drug abuse by women during childbearing

This paper critically analyzes the book, “A Guide to Rational Living” by Albert Ellis, a cognitive psychologist. The following paper examines Ellis’s cognitive psychological concepts based on his theory Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy which teaches how to adapt rationally and

An in-depth study of postpartum depression and its symptoms. Postpartum depression is depression that appears shortly before to shortly after a woman has given birth. It can have negative effects on the woman’s marriage and in fact on the entire

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Compares developmental theories. Deterministic vs. organistic approaches, stages, cognition, identity. Table. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the developmental theories of Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget. The paper discusses the similarities and dissimilarities of both theories.

This paper discusses the history and theories of homosexuality. This paper begins with a discussion of the origins of the term “homosexual.” It continues with an outline of beliefs about homosexuals through the ages, and the development of theories of

This paper discusses the use of medication to treat mental illness. This paper examines how professionals, such as nurses, treat mentally ill patients. The paper pays particular attention to the role that nurses play the proper treatment of patients and

This paper discusses the leadership process with a special emphasis on business leaders. The author points out that good leadership has many of the same qualities as a good teacher or counselor. Personal traits and relationship factors are considered as

A paper which discusses views held by Nietzsche and Freud on man’s relationship with his neighbors. This paper explores the views held by Nietzsche and Freud over human nature in general and neighbors in particular. The paper discusses the fallibility

A study on how the application of David Hume’s theory of free will could contribute to a better society. The paper shows that by utilizing philosopher David Hume’s theory that everyone has free will, regardless of the previous circumstances, and

Looks at the detrimental effects of binge drinking among college students. This paper explains how binge drinking adversely affects students in many different aspects such as schoolwork, health, and safety. ” To most people, binge drinking is a self-destructive, uncontrolled,

Examines social learning, biosocial and psychodynamic views on aggressive behavior. Discusses the role of family, gender role differences, modeling, sexism and self-control. AGGRESSION Introduction The development of aggression can be viewed within the social learning context. Social learning theorists such

Compares psychologists’ views on personality & abnormal behavior. Cognitive vs. phenomenological approaches, psychopathology, childhood and self-actualization. Introduction The purpose of this paper is to review two models of personality and abnormal behavior: (1) the cognitive model of Albert Ellis (Ellis,

A discussion of two main causes of behavioral disorders in children – child development and biology. Research into these behavioral disorders suggests that brain chemistry and genetics are responsible for predisposition to the conditions, with environmental aspects also a factor.

A discussion of the socialization process. This paper discusses the socialization process – how it works and what purpose it serves in society. It examines how society continues to restrict human individualism, through critical readings of Emile Durkheim’s The Division

This paper is about the effect that dreams have on us as individuals and how intuition can be tapped into by using our dreams as tools, through a review of Frances Vaughn’s Awakening Intuition. Can dreams help us be more

An analysis of an article by SE Taylor and R.L Repetti which examines environments for healthier living conditions. This paper explains how unhealthy environments can effect you and what to do when these things happen. This paper is based on

A discussion on body image, focusing on the root of why women see themselves the way they do and an examination of ways to deal with this self-image. This paper explores how the media affects the body image of women

The paper reviews the book “The Talking Cure: The Science Behind Psychotherapy” by Susan C. Vaughan. The paper explores the suggestion raised in the book about a possible relationship between psychotherapy and neurobiology. It delves into Vaughan’s methods of psychotherapy

This paper analyzes a therapy session with a social worker, illustrating the social worker’s apparent bias towards one of the patients, and criticizing other practices of the social worker. This paper analyzes a therapy session with a social worker. It

A study on Pavlovian learning in relation to operant conditioning. This paper compares Pavlovian learning and examines the similarities and differences of classical conditioning and operant conditioning. It states that all behavior is learned and therefore can be modified. The

Compares lives, careers, influences & psychoanalytic ideas on child development. Melanie Klein and D.W. Winnicott were both psychotherapists who belonged to the British Psychoanalytic Society. Klein and Winnicott had practices working with disturbed children. They both studied and accepted the

This paper looks at the effects of child abuse and neglect, how to read warning signs, and protect children from mistreatment. This paper is about the effects of child abuse and discusses various aspects in detail, as well as discussing

Examines the seven separate criteria for specific phobia. Discusses the diagnosis, evaluation, & treatment forms for those suffering from specific phobias. Specific Phobia Definition There are seven separate criteria for specific phobia, which was formerly known as simple phobia. The

A definition of this form of abuse and its effects on children. This paper defines various forms of abuse and focuses on sexual abuse on children. It looks at the effects of this abuse from many different angles. It begins

Summarizes interview with a forensic psychologist on education, training, duties, skills, role as expert witness, managed care and ethics. Explain some of the issues that arise when using children as witnesses. What are some problems that can occur when a

Overview of counseling in 1990s: models, theories, applications (individual, organizational, medical), technology, spirirtuality, gestalt, addictions, ecopsychology.

An analysis of male and female conversational styles based on Deborah Tannen’s `You Just Don’t Understand, which discusses how men and women act substantially differently in a number of ways – including conversational style. This paper analyzes the book You

This paper is an investigation of a psychological term called ‘Primal Wounding’ what it is and how it can be healed. This paper covers what childhood drama can do to a person, and how they can recover from it in

A discussion of issues of control in anorexics and an analysis of the disorder. This paper consists of the various ways that individuals with anorexia use forms of control to maintain their disease. Specific control issues discussed are control over

A paper showing the pros and cons of gay couples adopting children. It is estimated that between one and nine million American children have at least one parent who is gay. While most of these children were produced in a

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